Update – Make me an offer on these. I want them to go to a happy collector and the ‘Bay is sucking recently.

I’ve decided to move out some pieces that I haven’t worn in a while, much to your own personal benefit. All of these watches are working perfectly but they are a bit aged. If you want some classic chronos for not much money, click on through. Click all the images to see them full size.

I consider all of these watches my training wheels. They are great fun and a good deal. I used most of them as part of my To Better Know a Movement piece last year.

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100_0077.JPGSeiko two-register chrono with English/symbolic day of week. It uses the 6138 movement and was serviced by Seiko. It is on a metal band. Black face with blue indices. $150


Another nice classic. Gold faced single index chrono with symbolic/English day of week. It has a 6139 movement and no band. Nice starter chrono. $150

100_0069.JPGA very unique navigator watch. It is a Seiko Navigator Timer with two timezones and a 6117 movement. It is on a leather band and has a rotating inner hour bezel. It’s a fascinating piece and a nice 24-hour watch. $200

100_0075.JPGSeiko single register chrono with unique case. This is also Seiko-serviced and running beautifully. It has a silver face and a blue bezel with bright orange seconds hand. 6139 and rubber strap. $150


  1. I am looking to purchase Patek’s,Cartier,Audemars,Vacheron’s,Rolex watches,etc. I will pay cash. My phone #is 561-841-1443.

  2. Looking for a King Seiko and your right, -bay sucks lately! Any special Seiko like a Lord Matic Special would be a prize catch! Happy collecting! Hope you can raise some funds for the next catch!


  3. Hi, I’m interested in buying your Seiko Navigator Timer GMT. What is your price to ship to singapore.
    How do I pay you for the item.

    Pls email me or call me at 65-91853088.



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