Ohhh… shiny! The Devon Tread has been an object of much fascination over the years and the launch of the Tread 2 has proven that the company can actually deliver on their promises. I’m pleased to say that the $10,000 Tread 2 is the coolest watch I’ve worn in a long time and I’m even willing to overlook the quartz motors and built-in computers and say “Yeah, buy this thing if you can.”

That’s saying a lot. First off, this guy is about $10,000 for a rechargeable quartz watch that is actually more of a computer. The motors are controlled by a built-in chip and the sole button and two-way actuator are the only way to control the time and features. The watch only has a chronograph and seconds display for those who want a bit more meat. That said, the watch is a feast for the eyes and arguably a conversation-starter.

Reviewing this is a bit hard because it’s a fairly basic watch. However, I found the entire package to be quiet pleasant, very cool, and nicely built. The CNCed case looks like a robot’s kneecap and the sapphire crystal curves over the movement like a jet windshield. The case is made of surgical steen and milled out into a tonneau. It’s 42mm and and is water resistant to 1 ATM (although you don’t want to get the leather band wet). It’s surprisingly light at 90 grams. A rear window shows the workings although the real motion happens in the motors and belts and those are visible in the front.

Most people who have seen the Devon call it steampunk. I prefer to think of it as something from the Star Wars universe, old and futuristic at the same time. It’s a beautiful piece and it looks like you could use it to deflect droid blasters if you’re in a pickle with Anakin.




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