Then your lucky day (10 of them, actually) is coming up very soon!  What is the Dr. Swatch program?  I’m glad you asked.  To me, it seems like a perfect way for the brand to maintain a very good relationship with their customers.

For the time that they’re running this promotion, all you need to do is take your Swatch watch on over to your local store.  Once you’re there, they’ve give your watch a once over, swap out the battery (if it’s needed), and do other maintenance such as strap adjustment and buffing.

Now, I don’t own a Swatch, so I’ve not used this service before, but I don’t think you can beat the low, low price of free.  This even will be held at all Swatch stores; if you don’t know where your local store is, this page here will set you on your path.  swatch.com

UPDATE: this offer is only active in the U.S. and only at Swatch corporate stores (not any other 3rd-party retailer).

By Patrick Kansa

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5 thoughts on “Have A Swatch That Hasn’t Been Serviced Lately?”
  1. Just to clarify, this is just at U.S. Swatch corporate stores – nothing outside the U.S., and no third-party retailers.

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