While we’ve not showcased them on our pages for a bit now, Borealis is a brand that we like. They produce interesting designs at affordable price points, which makes them a solid option for someone looking for their first mechanical watch. Take, for instance, the Borealis UMI.

First things first – what’s the UMI in the name? Here’s how they explain it: “The UMI is inspired by the Ursa Minor constellation, also known as the Little Dipper. This constellation has been used for centuries by mariners to navigate the seas and is a symbol of guidance and direction.” So, there you go – inspiration drawn from the stars to send you adventuring along your way.

While you may have seen two-crown watches before (or perhaps have one), is it truly a supercompressor? This means more than a watch that has two crowns, one of which controls an internal timing bezel. No, what the “true” part of that statement indicates is a case structure that actually becomes more water resistant the more pressure is applied (you can read more about those here). Then again, us desk divers aren’t going to run into scenarios where that’s super critical, so we’ll note that the 300m WR rating is more than adequate for 99% of us.

Tucked into that water-battling case is a Seiko NH38 movement, which will not only get the job done, it’ll be one that most watch makers should be able to service and maintain, when that time comes around. The Borealis UMI is currently up for pre-order for $399 with delivery anticipated for the fall of 2023. It’s available in a variety of dial/bezel colors, as well as a date or no-date configuration. Check it out over at borealiswatch.com

Tech Specs from Borealis

  • Case size: 40.5mm x 48mm
  • Lug width: 20mm
  • True supercompressor case
  • BGW9 superluminova applied to dial, hands, bezel
  • Movement: Seiko SII NH38 Automatic Movement

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Last Update: January 30, 2023