As you’re aware, we here at WWR have seen fit to expand our coverage into some other avenues, all with a focus on bringing you interesting items that are affordable, and perhaps a bit different from what you might otherwise encounter.  Today, we’re going to look at a pair of shoes that fits that criteria, the SUAVS Legacy.

Now, if you were to go to SUAVS site, and look up these shoes, you’d see that they’re called The Legacy.  That felt cumbersome for the review, so for the remainder, I’ll just refer to them as the SUAVS Legacy.  So, who are SUAVS?  It’s a brand out of Austin, TX that started up with the goal of having a comfortable, lightweight shoe that could go with you all day, from the gym, to work, to whatever else the day may hold.

Or, frankly, these are shoes that make it easy to bring along a second pair.  The feature a lightweight (and flexible) rubber sole along with a digital knit fabric that means these are shoes you can “collapse” down and easily shove into a bag, if you were in need of a backup pair.


With the digital knit that the SUAVS Legacy uses, you’re looking at a snugger fit, almost sock-like in nature.  Specifically with this style, they tell you to size up one size. I did that at first, and I was having some issues with the heel (there was a lip digging in) when testing them at home, so we exchanged those for another size bigger.  This did address the issues I was having around the heel, and interestingly, gave the shoes an overall fit that felt like a non-knit pair a bit.  They still felt snug (they weren’t flopping around) but they were not nearly as tight as a second pair of socks.  So, another thing to bear in mind if you’re considering these.

For our review, we were sent a pair of the SUAVS Legacy high-tops in black (there are red and white options as well).  In many ways, these have the feel of a modernized version of All Stars to me.  There’s a simple profile, not extra padding, and so on.  Of course here, the padding is not necessary.  The knit material is super comfortable, soft, and breathable.  Add in the soft touch on the removable insoles, and you’ve definitely got shoes you could go sockless with.  That’s not my thing necessarily, but it’s an additional bit of flexibility you have with them.

And, should things come a bit, fragrant, shall we say, the SUAVS Legacy are washable as well.  Specifically, the foam insoles (which are covered with microfiber) are called out as being washable.  Which is good, since that would be where most of the sweat would end up (particularly if going without socks), given that the upper of the shoes is all the mesh, so really shouldn’t collect much. Though, you could probably hand-wash the shoes as well if you were so inclined.


For my time with the SUAVS Legacy, these were worn as just everyday sorts of shoes – to the office (thanks, casual dress code!) and around the house.  Once I got the sizing correct, things were a lot more comfortable for sure.  The stretchy material makes for a comfortable shoe, even if it does make things a little tricky to get the high-tops pulled up and in place (and getting the tongue positioned correctly).

At the end of the day, I think that the SUAVS Legacy are a great summertime alternative to the canvas shoes many might opt for.  Sure, the styling is a touch different with the fabric, but I think the modernization is a good thing, and I do appreciate how light and breathable the shoes are, particularly with the heat and humidity we’ve been having here in Chicago.  If you want to jump on that bandwagon, you can pick up your SUAVS Legacy (in sizes 8-14) for $110 direct from the brand.

Review Summary

  • Brand & Model: SUAVS The Legacy
  • Price:  $110
  • Who’s it for? You like sleek high-top style, but want something a bit more breathable than your standard canvas
  • Would I wear it? Given my predilection for boots, I was surprised to find myself not overly drawn to these shoes.  I think with this fabric, low-tops work better (and we’ve got another review in the works on that).  I could see these in the mix, sure, but it wouldn’t be my first choice
  • The best thing about it:  Here, it’s that digitally-knit fabric
  • Watch it pairs best with:  The MKII Paradive – flexible and ready for anything
Details from SUAVS
  • Breathable, digitally-knit upper
  • Soft rubber toe cap
  • Cotton Laces.
  • Removable & washable polyfoam insole is covered with microfiber terry for moisture absorption.
  • Flexible Non-Slip Rubber sole bends right along with your feet’s movements.

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Last Update: July 9, 2018