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OmegaBlogger Selling Blue Dialled Omega Electronic


This excellent condition Omega features the innovative and supremely accurate F300 Tuning Fork movement. Holding a place in history as the first electronic watches it is based on the Bulova Accutron movements. Much preferred by the Omega collector due to the fact that the second hand sweeps round smoothly unlike the jerky action of the inferior quartz watches.

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  1. Hi from South Africa…hope that this e-mail finds you fine and in good spirits. could you advise pls, whether the OMEGA f300 ELECTRONIC,with the blue dial is,perhaps still for sale,in a private capacity ??? if so,what would you be asking and would you be willing to ship to SA ? if not,may one just point out that the listing was dated August 22,2005 and has not been removed… sincere thanks. best regards. shane

  2. i don’t know if you still have the watch, but i have the same one. the back of my case was engraved and i no longer know the markings and i’m in need of ordering parts. the watch was my dads and one of my most sentimental possessions, any help would be great

    thanks neil

  3. This might be a bit off topic but the nice thing about buying new electronics is they have a warranty. You are buying something that has moving parts or electricity going to it so it has the potential of breaking, there is nothing you can do but replace it, that does not mean the company that made the product sucks, it means the individual item sucked!

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