Who carries stuff in their pockets? Well, just about all of us, I imagine. Sure, you might have some things that bounce around in your laptop bag, but there are certain items that you always have on your person. And, if you’ve been following the articles we have been highlighting from Everyday Carry, well, you probably have a few more things jangling around than you did before. If that’s you, then their latest roundup on pocket organizers just might be of interest.


I must admit, I was, shall we say, a bit dubious, about this roundup when it first crossed my digital desk. There is no doubt that many of these are truly organizers, and can hold a vast variety of the sorts of things that you would put in your pocket. Some of them seem more inclined, to my eyes at least, to be clipped on to whatever bag (with Molle, of course) you are carrying, rather than holding the contents of a pocket in order, and then slipping into said pocket.


That was, until I came across the Fox Gear Pocket EDC Organizer. At least for, this was the star of the roundup. So much so, that I actually ended up ordering one. This is a fairly simple affair – think of it like a Grid-It panel that fits in your pocket. With this, I can keep the stuff that I have banging around in my pocket with the keys (link to pocket dump article) and keep it organized. The big benefit to me will be being able to grab a single thing in the morning (along with the wallet and phone, of course) to pop into my pocket, and have all of my items. Sure, it will take longer to get a pocket knife out to open a box, but that’s not exactly time-sensitive. I also dig the “small maker” vibe, and will be eagerly looking forward to its arrival.


What I would consider a runner-up, out of this roundup, would be the Bill’s Urban Wallet. Again, this looks to be a good way to keep a bunch of smaller items tucked into one tidy package. This is also looking to carry your cash, cards, and ID, so conceivably you could get everything into one. Pair that with a key organizer and you’ll have compact, quiet pockets. And for those of you who want to get stuff out of your pockets – but not lost in the depths of a bag – there are plenty of other options from likely suspects like Maxpedition and Skinth, amongst others. Check out the full roundup here and then let us know, below, how you keep your pockets in order. everydaycarry.com


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Last Update: July 26, 2016