Why just peeking? Well, we?re working on getting a loaner in for review – so, this article will introduce you all to the watch (you know, a preview) and set the stage for the eventual review. So, with that – on to the Yema Spacegraf Zero-G!

Of course, anything space-related (in the world of watches) has been having a heyday of sort recently, with all sorts of fun options out there. What?s cool about the Yema Spacegraf Zero-G is that it was designed along with the French Space Agency (CNES) it commemorates the 30th anniversary of the French simulating zero-g flights.

For me, the design of the Yema Spacegraf Zero-G calls to mind a few different designs. With the tachymeter scale, you?ve got a few choices (more than a few) but I?ll stick with the space idea and throw out the, you know, Speedmaster. The dial, however, goes to the bars-and-pips more commonly associated to ?The Crown?. Frankly, it?s nice and visible (crisp against the dark dial, and glows like crazy it seems). The baton-plus-sword handset, well, that?s a mashup there that sort of pulls more from the diver world of watches. Still, it?s a mashup that all works, in my book. Bringing it back to the space watches of days gone by you?ve got a highly domed mineral crystal.

Those are just the surface details of the Yema Spacegraf Zero-G. Speaking of surface, the dial of the watch is highly textured, calling to mind – for example – some planetary surface (if you?re tending to flights of fancy). Under that dial you?ve got a movement we don?t commonly see showing up, the Epson YM90A quartz (details down below). Now, the astute student will realize that Epson movements are synonymous with Seiko, so rest easy friend – you?ve got reliability here.

Given that legibility is highly desired here (as you can tell from the dial and the concept of a air/space watch) it?s surprising to realize that the case measures in at only 39mm (though it is 13mm thick) with frankly is downright compact for today.

Oh, and yes, while the Yema Spacegraf Zero-G is ostensibly a space watch, you?re free to go swimming with it, as it did achieve a 100m WR rating. Perhaps for after your capsule slashes down? So, yes – even though I?m not normally a fan of chronographs, the $399 Yema Spacegraf Zero-G is one that I?m rather keen to check out. And should you pick one up – and want to try a zero-G flight? Just head on over to their page and chat with the customer service reps. I don?t know about you, but that sounds like a super fun thing to try out. yema.com

Watch Overview

  • Brand & Model: Yema Spacegraf Zero-G
  • Price: $399
  • Who we think it might be for: You can?t decide if you like divers or astronaut watches more
  • Would I buy one for myself based on what I?ve seen? You know, it is tempting
  • If I could make one design suggestion, it would be: 19mm lugs are an oddball for finding straps – 20mm would open things up a good bit
  • What spoke to me the most about this watch: How clean and legible the dial is

Tech Specs from Yema

      • Diameter: 39 mm
      • Thickness: 13 mm
      • Lug: 19 mm
    • CASE: 316L Steel
    • BEZEL
      • 316 Steel
      • Tachymeter scale engraved
    • CROWN: Push Crown
    • CRYSTAL: Domed Mineral Crystal
    • WATER RESISTANCE: 10 BAR / 330 Feet / 100 m
    • Quartz
    • CALIBER: Epson YM90A Caliber
    • Frequency: 32,768Hz
    • Antimagnetism greater than 1600 A / m (DC magnetic field)
      • Hour, minute, 1/5 second chronograph
      • Chronograph minute counter at 6 o?clock
  • DIAL
    • Textured blue matt dial
    • Minutes/seconds track with 2G zones in white and Zero-G zone in red
      • White domed markers
      • Super-LumiNova C1
    • MATERIAL: Canvas (fabric) with leather lining
    • CLASP: Pin buckle
    • Logo Y YEMA engraved

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