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REVIEW: Ingersoll Georgia



Quick – what’s your favorite thing about Georgia?  Oh, you’ve never been?  Well, then, you’re missing out.  When I’d travel there for work, I quickly learned that sweet tea was one of my all time favorite drinks – and I had plenty of it while I was there.

Now, while today’s Ingersoll model, the Georgia, isn’t chock full of simple syrup, it does have some nice visual interest.  For starters, I’m going to call this a tank watch (due to the rectangular shape) with a definite art deco feel to it, given the rounded edges and lines/layers on the sides of the 39mm stainless steel case.

Set into the case you’ve got a mineral crystal protecting the dial which features Roman numerals, large date display, and sub dials for the day and month.  As we saw with earlier Ingersoll models, the sub dials and pushers flanking the crown give this a faux-chrono feel, which I’m still not quite a fan of.

I do like what someone else suggested for a design change, rather than dropping the subdials.  Simply replacing the pushers with recessed push buttons (as we already have on the left side of this case) would present a cleaner look, as well as clear up what the sub dials are to be used for.  And, as long as we’re altering things, I think the hour hand could stand to be a touch longer and/or wider, to keep things proportionate.

There is one last feature of the dial that most readers here already know I’m a fan of – the large cutout at 6 o’clock that allows you to see the movement at work.  The movement here is an Ingersoll 735 calibre (35 jewel), and performed just as well as I would have expected (in other words, I never found it to be off-time).

I would be nice if the wheel was finished in something other than a gold tone, to fit with the style of the watch, but that’s a minor quibble.  I just like being able to see the movement at work.  Sure, exhibition case backs are nice, but with the open dial, you can watch the machine at work without taking it off of your wrist.

I also like the fact that lume was put in on the watch (even on the sub dial hands), even though it’s a somewhat dressier piece.  It’s a simple thing, but it definitely makes the watch a bit more versatile.  Finally, the watch comes on a brown leather strap, and it certainly would work just as well if you swapped a black leather strap in to dress it up further.

Now, at the asking price of $400 (direct from Ingersoll), you might be on the fence.  If that’s the case, you’ll want to check out Amazon, where I found it for right around $340, which makes for a compelling option, ready for the office or the weekend.

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