The last time we looked at a watch from Momentum, it was a model that packed a lot of functionality into it’s titanium case.  Today, we’re going in a different direction in their catalog, with a simpler women’s model, one of their newest – the Alter Ego.

This is a sport watch, first and foremost.  With the rubber strap (in black or white) and lightweight aluminum case, this is not a watch that would weight you down in any way.  The dial itself (also in black or white) is legible, and nicely lumed (as are the hands), meaning that the piece should perform for you whatever the activity.

There’s a  twist on this particular model,  is a literal one – you can twist out and exchange the aluminum bezel.  There are eight different colors available – and they can drastically change the look of the watch.  If you recall, one of my favorite things on the Model C was the interchangeable bezel – and I find it a plus on this watch.

Of course, I’m not the target audience for this one.  So, what did my lovely wife think of it?

The Alter Ego is a nice,  and comfortable watch. The strap itself isn’t necessarily my taste, but it contributes a lot to the comfort.

I like the plain numerals / clean design of the dial, and I find the date really helpful to have.

I thought that the bezel was the easy to change, and the black/black combo ended up being my favorite.

Overall the watch is sportier than I’m used to – but I could see wearing this regularly.

Now, all told, $160 (Amazon has some color combos at a lower price), plus an additional $25 for each additional bezel, you’re not going grab this on a whim.  But, if you consider that you do get two bezels off the bat, and you’re getting an attractive package that can stand up to an active day, I think it’s worth considering when looking for a new watch for yourself (we do have women in our readership, I hope) or the woman in your life.

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Last Update: September 3, 2012