Yesterday, we started taking a look at a very car-inspired watch, the M21 from Uniq, focusing in on the main design inspirations.  Today, we’ll wrap up our review, and let you know how it works as a watch.

First off, while it only measures in at 44mm (ok, that’s big), it has quite the wrist presence.  Sizing aside, I found it to be pretty comfortable on the wrist, given the lugs and the leather strap.  Now, this one came with a deployant clasp, and I did find that digging in a bit while I was at the desk, but that’s a fairly common thing I seem to run into.

This watch is rather readable too – with one exception (we’ll get to that in a minute).  Given the clean deal, and large numerals, you’ve really got no issue telling what time it is.  That is, unless you find yourself out in the sun.  There, the domed crystal shows a lack of anti reflective coating.  This means you’ll need to angle your wrist a bit, or shade it with your hand.

That was the only issue I really had with the watch.  In daily wear, it worked flawlessly (courtesy of the quartz movement), and it should stand up to some abuse with the 50m water resistance rating.  I’ll also add that, with the combination of size and black/chrome, means it will work just as well at the office as out on the weekend.

At, at an asking price of $475, it’s a compelling option.  Sure, most of us might choke at paying a price like that for quartz, but this is a rather unique watch with design inspiration you just don’t see.  And if you’re a GAZ collector?  Well, then this is just about the watch you’d have to have for the club, I’d imagine.

ByPatrick Kansa

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    1. Why?

      I find a lot of the elements used from the car go together well when carried over to a watch while giving it a very different look than the boatloads of derivative styles out there currently. Nothing seems cheap, and I really am impressed with the proportions of the dial which are not like much I’ve seen.


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