The last time we took a look at some watches from Ziiiro, I noted that I wasn’t able to actually wear the watches, due to the sizing of the lexan straps.  Well, the good folks behind those watches saw fit to rectify that situation, and send over another model with a different strap style for us to take a look at.

The model in question is the Gravity, presented here in a black and red color scheme.  In this case, the strap itself is a rubber coated piece of steel (open at the bottom), with generous sizing (fit quite easily on my 7.25″ wrist).  At first, I was uncertain how the open concept would work.  In practice, the little bit of rubber wrapping to the underneath held things in place quite nicely.

Additionally, without a buckle, there weren’t any problems with the strap digging in as I worked.  Not that I have that issue with many watches, but it has been a concern now and again. The other nice thing about the strap is that it’s interchangeable with any of the other dial/movements that you have from Ziiiro; look above for some pictures showcasing that particular feature.  In this regard, it’s a nice value add, if you pick up multiple pieces from Ziiiro.

So. how do you tell time with this model?  Rather simply, as it turns out.  The outer swirl indicates the minutes, and the inner swirl indicates the hours.  While this lends itself more to an approximation of the time, instead of dead accuracy, its still completely functional, and works well for telling someone it’s “about quarter to one.”


The discs that tell the time are driven by a Miyota IL-26 quartz movement that’s housed in a steel case that measures in at 38mm by 7.5mm that nets you 30m water resistance.  At EUR 120 (approx $160), it’s not an impulse buy – but you are getting a unique time presentation, and it’s available in a multitude of colors.  Also, if you already have some Ziiiro models kicking around, you can pick up the strap shown here for EUR 45 ($60).

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