If you recall, we first brought you word of the re-issued Projects Watches Newark Museum watch back in August. Now that the watch has been released, we have a rather nice opportunity for you to win serial number 100 of the new edition.


Why #100? Well, it’s a nice round number, and considering there are only 150 pieces of each variant (so, 300 total), you’ll be coming into the collection at a good spot. As I mentioned in our writeup, this is a design that is 17 years old, but has aged pretty gracefully. For me, the most intriguing part is the interaction between the EL backlight and the numerals that are printed on the underside of the dial.


Aside from allowing the hands to float underneath, the printing gives a rather cool fade-out effect when the backlight is triggered, and is one of those things I imagine looks even better in person. Now, if you want to have a chance to win your own (and verify or refute what I’m saying about the backlight), there are a few things you’ll need to do:

  • Give Projects Watches a follow on Facebook and Instagram
  • Comment on this post with the account name that you used to follow on each of those social media platforms
  • Head on over to the contest page and put your entry in

It’s a few more steps than we usually have, with the social media, but its a way of showing some thanks to the brand for sponsoring the giveaway. Good luck!







  1. I love this watch, as fresh and contemporary as it looked 17 years ago!
    Facebook : Despina Veneti
    Instagram : despinavnt
    Thanks ever so much

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