Panerais are usually good in steel. But how about gold mixed with “with a percentage of copper that imbues the material with a rich and intense red hue?” That’s goldtech, Jerry, goldtech!

That’s what you get with the new Panerai 42mm Submersible, a gold watch for those who like to get dirty and wet.

“This exquisite metal also contains platinum, which prevents the material from oxidizing, thus extending the lifetime of the watch,” writes Panerai on the product page.

The piece has a display back that shows the automatic OP Calibre XXXIV and comes with a ceramic bezel and black alligator strap. The price for this bauble? $26,000. Better dive deep in those couch cushions if you want to pick one of these up.


  1. Gold mixed with copper is rose, pink or red gold. What makes this “Goldtech” – pretty unjustifiable name, as it’s about as low-tech as it gets – is the introduction of platinum.

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