Earnshaw 1805 Grand Calendar10The folks at Thomas Earnshaw have been nice enough to supply us with a few watches for reviews over the years, and for the WWR March Giveaway, I am going to pass on one of my review watches to you, our dear readers.  I looked at the Thomas Earnshaw 1805 Grand Calendar almost a year ago, and thought it was a nice dress watch for the price.  The watch has a lot going on, but it is still readable.

Earnshaw 1805 Grand Calendar11It is on the large side, at 45mm, but it is still very wearable, with a lot of rounded surfaces and a pretty domed crystal.  You are going to get the watch that was literally on my wrist, and then stored away since the review, as gently used as they come.

Earnshaw 1805 Grand Calendar08What we ask, dear reader, is that you comment below IN THIS THREAD.  You don’t have to do anything other than say hi, but if you want to share what it is that makes a nice dress watch for you, that would be great.  IN ADDITION, you have to head over to the contest page and enter there as well.  If you don’t enter in both places, your entry will be void and should we draw your name, you will never know and we’ll just move on to a new winner.  Wouldn’t that be terrible, being a winner and never knowing about it?

Earnshaw 1805 Grand Calendar01You don’t have to, but you can also check out the Thomas Earnshaw web site, Facebook page, and Instagram page.  This is the second watch of theirs that I have given to you, our dear readers, so show the brand a little love in return.



95 thoughts on “The WWR March Giveaway: a Thomas Earnshaw Grand Calendar”
  1. I like that is comes off as a very nicely styled dress watch but I also see a face that looks like a post-apocalyptic/steampunky gasmask!

  2. I know it isn’t traditional, but to me a nice dress watch is striking to the eye and has a few interesting complications. I like knowing that people wonder what exactly is going on on my wrist!

  3. A nice dress watch should compliment what you are wearing not stick out like a sore thumb.

  4. I like this watch alot. Simple case shape and band dresses it up while it has enough interesting features to make it more of an office type watch.

  5. this is just my sons style as he likes them larger and elegant without being to “busy”. It has a nice band and a simple shape. It could be worn with a suit or jeans

  6. Dress watches should, in my opinion, strive for simplicity, and limited complications. They enhance the overall appearance, but shouldn’t be so flashy or over complicated as to become the main focus.

  7. A dress watch should be a combination of subtle style and sophistication, like a nice suit.

  8. Well, I don’t have a dress watch! It’s all divers, outdoors g-shocky types, and sporty chronographs.

  9. A classic dress watch in black. Something you always need whenever you wear a suit….I do that a lot, so I can imagine myself wearing it 🙂

  10. Dress Watch for Me:

    1) Sophisticated style (not sport, not garrish)
    2) Unique design (subtly eye-catching but definitely a conversation piece)
    3) Leaves you with a feeling of style and refined personal taste

    This one fits the bill. Thanks for the contest!

  11. I know most people feel like a dress watch has to be extremely simple and minimal. But I feel like a beautiful watch like this would look great with a suit. I would even wear it with a tux but I know I am no fashion icon. Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. I love this watch! It looks like it matches with almost anything. I’d love to win it, I’d definitely wear it every day!

  13. I like the look of the Thomas Earnshaw, even though, as you note, at 45mm it is a little on the large side. Would be a pleasure to wear I am sure.

  14. hi hi,

    just want to say that this watch is simply a piece of art, a masterpiece.

    thanks for the effort & time in holding the giveaway for a chance to own it….

  15. What makes a great dress watch for me is the simple elegance. Something clean, but not to flashy, that goes well with a nice suite or just business casual.

  16. this is a very nice dress watch. Particularly I like the open heart. a true classic dress watch.

  17. This watch looks incredible! Very functional, yet minimalist for all the options it features. Classic, yet with a very cool skeleton feature in the front. I would absolutely love to win this watch!

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