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Ball Watch Trainmaster Cleveland Night Express

I will be the first to admit – I am a sucker for watches that include tritium tubes. While many of them definitely hit more of a tool- or sport-watch feel, there are ones out there that take things in a more classic, or even dressy, sort of a style. I like that juxtaposition of a classic bit of watch styling mashed up with, well, atomic age technology for illuminating the watch at night. While they live in the luxury end of the segment, the watches from Ball certainly fit that bill, and their latest, the Ball Watch Trainmaster Cleveland Night Express, looks to be another interesting iteration.


Hands-on with the Van Speyk Dutch Diver

It was back in July that we first brought you word of a new Dutch brand, Van Speyk, and their inaugural watch. As I concluded in that writeup, the Van Speyk Dutch Diver had a thread running throughout it – familiarity with differentiation. That observation was all based off of what I was seeing in the photos. The question loomed, however – would that impression hold up after seeing the watch in the steel?


Thar She Blows! The Boschett Harpoon Spirit of Essex Is Up For Pre-Order

Boschett is not a brand we have written about for awhile, and things had been relatively quiet. Then, not that long ago, we received word of a new model they had coming out, with the pre-order currently underway. While we looked at their Reef Ranger previously, their Harpoon lineup seems to be popular as well. So, with that, let’s take a look to see what the Boschett Harpoon Spirit of Essex has to offer.


Diving in with the Manchester Watch Works Tatoskok

I have said it many times before, and I will likely say it many times more – dive watches are simply one of, if not the, most popular styles of watches today. Most of them show on the wrists of those who don’t dive (such as this writer), so it really becomes more of a style choice. Sure, there is some appeal to the capability that a dive watch represents, but for most desk divers, it is the look of the watch that draws them in. So, then, if a new brand is bringing a diver to the market, it should offer something unique – and that is what we have with the Manchester Watch Works Tatoskok.

01 733 7707 4065-07 4 20 18 - Oris Divers Sixty-Five

Oris Divers Sixty-Five, Back Into the Blue

Sometimes, you just have to go with the tag that the marketing campaign uses, and I will admit, “Back into the blue” is lifted straight from Oris’s press kit. But it fits, doesn’t it? This pretty diver, with retro cues and a light blue chapter ring pays homage to the original Oris Divers Sixty-Five, while staking itself out as a modern diver.


Introducing the Vejrhøj Nautic

When it comes to crowd-funded watch projects these days, everyone and their brother seems to be coming up with a minimalist quartz watch. Not that there is anything wrong with a minimalist watch, or a quartz-driven one. It is just that we are not seeing a whole of of differentiation in the projects (check out this editorial to see what we think makes a project interesting) out there. So that is what we try to focus in on, what makes a watch different or unique, and will be bringing those to light. Which then brings us to the subject of today’s article, the Vejrhøj Nautic.

Rider Automatic 01

GT & FQ Rider Automatic, A Nice Value Out Of China

I see quite a few watches that come out of China, anyone who looks at a lot of watches under the $1,000 mark is bound to see them, but I have not yet had the chance to check out a watch that is being sold by a Chinese brand. My chance came when Sea-Gull Watch Store reached out to us and asked if we would review their first in-house watch. The GT & FQ (the brand owners’ initials) M0001 Rider Automatic is quite an accomplished first effort for this brand, which is already expanding the line.


Introducing the Corniche Heritage 40

While watch shoppers are certainly spoiled for choice these days, there are also quite a few “me too” brands out there starting up that rehash the same tired and uninspired three-hander design. So, when we have a company that we’ve never heard of before contact us about their watch, we are understandably a bit cautious on what it is we going to be taking a look at. Fortunately, we do have some gems popping up when we have these sorts of contacts, and that leads us to running into pieces like the Corniche Heritage 40.