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Michael Kors Jetmaster Automatic Banner

Michael Kors Jetmaster Automatic, Yes, Michael Kors

Let us be honest here, there are people to whom the designer is as important as the actual design. I see a fair number of watches out in the malls that are put out by clothing brands and are little more than overpriced quartz three handers. Which is why this watch is intriguing. The Michael Kors Jetmaster Automatic is a mechanical watch, it is reasonably straight forward in its design, and it is not outrageously priced. Could this be a way for designers to fight back against the coming wave of the iWatch?


With The Triwa Partisan Lansen, It’s Easy Being Green

We have had more than a handful of articles about Triwa watches, and for good reason. The brand seems to do a good job of mixing (generally) colorful styling, quality builds, and affordable prices. As I mentioned in our previous post on the Stirling Hvalen (link) the brand has been doing more around creating more subdued color combinations. This is a trend we see continued on in the Triwa Partisan Lansen.


Introducing The Ball Engineer II Magneto S

Ball is a brand that first caught my eye a few years back for its use of tritium tubes in a variety of ways across their catalog. They are not just a one trick pony, though. In the last year or so, they have introduced quite a bit of technical innovations to their watches and movements. One of the latest ones that will be coming down the pike is the Ball Engineer II Magneto S Watch.

Zelos Chroma Banner

Zelos Chroma, Refined Minimalism

In an interesting (OK, maybe not that interesting) coincidence, I happened to be wearing my Zelos Helmsman when I received an update from company on the Zelos Chroma, their second watch project, which was going live that afternoon on Kickstarter. The Zelos Chroma is being billed as a minimalist automatic, which may actually sell the project a little short.

Rhynofit Rubicon Banner

Rhynofit Rubicon, Keeping you on the level

OK, we have already established that cars and watches go together hand in hand, but even more than cars, aviation pairs with watches in a big way. My favorite type of aviation watch is an instrument style, and I want to highlight a new company’s second crowdfunded cockpit instrument watch. The Rhynofit Rubicon is styled after the artificial horizon used to give an indication of level flight in the absence of other cues, say at night or in the fog. As a visual style, I think this inspiration works well as something that is instantly recognizable, but not distracting to the actual reading of the watch.

Division Furtive Type 50 Banner

Division Furtive Type 50, Straight Ahead

As the old saying goes “there is more than one way to skin a cat.” With watches there is more than one way to display the time. There is, of course, the circular display, with lots of variations, and then there are text displays, be they digital or printed, like the Devon Tread. Division Furtive Type 50 watch is not content with these options, and uses a linear display, two rows of LEDs for time, date, moon phase and chronograph functions.