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Magrette Moana Pacific Pro Vintage Review

Posted on 23 April 2014 by Patrick Kansa


For long-time readers of our site, Magrette is a brand that needs no introduction. Hailing from New Zealand, their cushion-cased watches have been favorably received, offering a great combination of styling and price. Today, we’ll be looking one of their latest iterations of the Moana Professional, the Vintage Brown. Along with offering a new colorway, it also serves to introduce their new travel wallet. Continue Reading

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Would This be the Swiss Navy Watch?

Posted on 22 April 2014 by Matt Himmelstein


Victorinox, yes the Victorinox that makes the ubiquitous Swiss Army Knife, has been in the watch business for a while.  While a number of their watch offerings have been attractive, I rarely see something from them that makes me want to buy one.  Well, I think they found their sweet spot, at least when it comes to what I like in a sports watch.  A limited edition, Swiss automatic chronograph dive watch, and a serious dive watch at that. Continue Reading

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5 Hands, No Waiting, the De Bethune DB29

Posted on 18 April 2014 by Matt Himmelstein


To title this article, I had the shorten the name a bit, because it is quite a mouthful.  The full name of the watch is the DB29 Maxichrono Tourbillon, and there is a lot going on with this timepiece.  From the name alone, we know that the watch has two complications, a chronograph and a tourbillon.  Then looking at those lovely blued hands and the sexy curved dial, we see no subdials, so all the time keeping and chrono functions are built off a single axis. Continue Reading

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TRIWA’s ‘Sort of Black’ Flips it Around

Posted on 17 April 2014 by Matt Himmelstein


TRIWA (Transforming the Industry of Watches) is a Scandinavian watch company more aligned with the fashion of watches than the intricacies of the mechanics.  They sell in fashion boutiques and follow the fashion calendar, with two releases a year.  For the Spring collection, they have taken their existing Sort of Black Watch (all black with a bit of gold on the hands) and reversed the color scheme, producing a gold watch with a bit of black on the hands, in both a 3-hander and chronograph version. Continue Reading

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Arnold & Son Have Been VERY Busy

Posted on 09 April 2014 by Matt Himmelstein

Arnold & Son CTB Steel soldier_lr2

We have covered a number of new releases from Arnold & Son in the last month, five to be exact.  Well, here is number six, and it is another beautiful and technically interesting watch.  Part of their instrument line, the CBT utilizes an in-house movement to incorporate both a chronograph and true beat second hand, a world’s first according to the company.  As to be expected from a boutique such as this, the detailing on the watch is lovely, with the blued hands leaping out against the light grey and silver colors. Continue Reading

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Omega Speedmasters Mark II and Apollo 11, Back to the Future

Posted on 04 April 2014 by Matt Himmelstein


45 years ago, man first walked on the moon.  And an Omega was there.  And Omega wants you to know that.  That year, they released the Speedmaster Mark II, featuring the same movement that was in the watch worn by the astronauts.  And now it is time for an update and reissue.  The new Speedmaster Mark II retains the overall look of the original, but also provides nice modern updates. Continue Reading

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Hager Has Some Watches Up For Pre-Order

Posted on 03 April 2014 by Patrick Kansa


We recently got word from our friends over at Hager about their newest watches in the pipeline, along with some pre-order discounts that are available.  If you recall, we took a look at their crowd-funded project about a year ago.  That project didn’t end up hitting the funding levels, but Hager is back at it with production of affordable watches with clean style and solid movements here in the US of A. Continue Reading

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Ressence, Simplified

Posted on 28 March 2014 by Matt Himmelstein


The Ressence Type 3 watch was shown last year as BaselWorld and received a lot of press and even the Revelation Watch Prize at last tear’s Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix.  It was one sexy watch, really unlike anything else on the market.  The closest looking product on the market would be a smart watch with e-ink, but the Ressence is pure mechanical watchmaking beauty.  Now, in time for BaselWorld 2014  comes the Type 1 from Ressence. Continue Reading

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