DualTow by Cristophe Claret

May 27, 2009 . by John Biggs

Man alive: look at this monster. It’s the DualTow watch by Cristophe Claret. This watch has a single-pusher chronograph and striking mechanism to chime when you activate the chronograph. The coolest additions are the two belt displays showing the hours and minutes. Then you’ve got a tourbillon to round things out. It’s a manual-wind movement…

Ladies and gentlemen, the ugliest watch ever produced

May 26, 2009 . by John Biggs

Diesel, what were you thinking? Admittedly you don’t make the prettiest watches around, but I find it amazing that you are responsible for this abomination. This is like trying to cross an elephant with a pig, it might seem like a good idea, but no good can come from it. This is not a photo-chop,…

Inside the Blu MT3 Majesty

May 22, 2009 . by John Biggs

First off, why didn’t anyone tell me about TimeTV? These guys have created a video blog about watches and the production quality is excellent. They just came back from Basel and I’ll try to share a few videos with you guys once I dig through their mess of video. Second off, this is the Blu…

Debaufre updates their fatty Aviator line

May 22, 2009 . by John Biggs

Debaufre, a watch company that uses great movements inside cool cases, has redone their line to reflect a more personal touch – a great move considering their Aviator-8s were just on the edge of copyright infringement. The new models have a curved case with a different, more attractive marker font and come in all of…

Hunting For A Tide Watch

May 21, 2009 . by John Biggs

I recently developed a burning need for a watch that displays tides. No, not the University of Alabama Crimson Tides, the ocean’s tides. High tide, low tide, slack tide, whether the tide is coming in or going out have much more import for me than ever before. This calls for a new watch.

Phosphor launches two new e-ink watch styles

May 19, 2009 . by John Biggs

We liked the original Phosphor e-ink watch and these two new models, one complete with calendar. The Digital Hour model has two views – a digital view and and a “regulator” view with circular hour register as well as a minutes register. It starts at $175. The Calendar model is a bit weirder. The full…

Your bucket of Bell&Ross crazy just arrived

May 11, 2009 . by John Biggs

Not content with making me happy with their GMT, Bell&Ross has just released this weird piece for Colette, some sort of artsy shop in Paris. This is some kind of tribute to Airborne Rangers, I suspect, with a little skull and two sword hands. Not sure how much it would cost in Earth money but…