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In the Olden Days, before streaming took over the world, folks would gather around a gadget called a television to watch linear programming delivered over the air. That may seem somewhat quaint now that we all own mobile supercomputers that can display basically anything on demand, but TV was a Big Deal–and Accutron was there, with its 261 aka the “TV Watch.”

Now for 2021 the TV Watch is back as part of Accutron’s Legacy Collection.

Says Accutron:

Accutron’s 261 watches represented this cultural shift as the brand designed many timepieces inspired by the space-age look of TVs at that time, with the 261 boasting a big, bold linear cushion shape with an organic exaggerated domed circle in the center… Today the 261 Legacy collection timepieces return offering a retro look with a modern twist. Retaining its 38.5mm case diameter for unisex appeal, the new 261 models boast the same inverse-stadium cushion case and dial with crown placement at 4 o’clock as well as feature muted colors reminiscent of the 60s.

As listeners of our podcast The HourTime Show already know, it’s somewhat difficult to find watches that will fit my 6.5-inch wrist without looking silly. That’s why I always appreciate watches that hover in the 40, 39, 38-ish range: I can wear them without feeling like a real dork. It doesn’t hurt when they look as fun as these 261 Legacy models.

Image Credit: Accutron

Prices start at $1390 (silver tone stainless steel, black leather strap) with another model (gold tone stainless steel, three link bracelet) clocking in at $1550. They’re limited to 600 pieces each. Be sure to visit Accutron for more information.

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