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Afternoon Beer Break: Cacophony Mosaic Pale Ale


We’ve reviewed a variety of beers in this series to-date, and they have been focused mostly on the independent end of the scale, which due to scale and ingredients, tend to the slightly more expensive side. What if you want something more affordable, but still tasty and different from the average ale? The Trader Joe’s “store label” stuff has you covered there. Today, we’ll talk about the Cacophony Mosaic Pale Ale.

Unlike the bigger brands that we’ve talked about, finding information regarding the Cacophony Mosaic Pale Ale is much harder to come by – it’s not like I can look up a list of ingredients, you know? Someone else, up in Madison, WI did some sleuthing, however, and found that this beer is very likely made (the brewery declined to comment) by Octopi Brewing in Waunakee, WI, under the “Campanology” label.

While the Cacophony Mosaic Pale Ale labels itself as a Pale Ale, it’s nowhere near as bitter (unfortunately, no IBU rating on the can) as some other more hop-forward pale ales can be. You do get a little bit of a bite up-front when you sip the beer, but the overall impression of the beer is a lightness. It has a slightly citrus nose, and crosses the tongue with a light and herbal touch. Surprisingly, I did note a slight tingling on my tongue, sort of like when you drink sparkling water.

Depending on what your local pricing is like, you’ll likely find the Cacophony Mosaic Pale Ale at your Trader Joes for between $5 and $6 for a six pack, which is definitely on the very affordable end of these small make pale ales. This hazy-pouring ale may not be my all-time favorite, but it is a decent option if you’re looking to save a few bucks while not sacrificing flavor.

Tasting Notes

  • Light
  • Herbal
  • Citrus nose
  • Little bite up front
  • Slight tongue tingle like with sparkling water
  • Hazy

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