Just got an email from the fine folks at Breitling announcing two intriguing new models.

The Flying B model is the latest offering in Breitling’s successful timepieces tied with Bentley fine automobiles. The name is an allusion to Bentley’s winged B logo and the watch features a jumping mechanism in which the hour hand is replaced with a disc at 12 o’clock. The watch is powered by a selfwinding Breitling Caliber 28B, officially chronometer certified by the COSC.

While the Flying B aspires to a certain stately mechanical elegance, the Airwolf goes in the opposite direction. In addition to Breitling’s fine mechanical pieces, they also produce serious pieces of electronic time keeping and the Airwolf provides all the features serious pilots need: alarm, 1/100th of a second chronograph with split and add times, countdown, dual timezone with independent alarm, UTC and perpetual calendar. As a child of the eighties, I do have to groan a bit at the name of this model since it brings back bad flashbacks of Stringfellow Hawke and Dominic Santini. But at least with this name, maybe you’ll get that cool howling sound (featured every time the television helicopter roared through the clouds) when you move your arm.

Both watches seem like worthy additions to the Breitling line. Obviously, they’re very different models for very different purposes. So pick up both of them today. The Flying B is perfect for a soothing cruise to your country manor and the Airwolf is the tool you need when screaming across the horizon in your F-16… activities that are an integral part of every WWR day.

4 thoughts on “Brand New Breitling Models”
  1. I love Breitling watches, but the Flying B looks like someone sat in the drawing room for the new Rolex Prince. Just a thought CTWG

  2. Now I am confused. I was set on the B-1 and now i see the Airwolf. Decisions, decisions!!! Can someone tell me which is a better one out of the two?

  3. So far Breitling is at the top of my list. I have a quartz movement about 5 years old and have yet to need service or a battery. It goes with me everywhere and has been beat on since day one. Snowboarding in -14 degree weather, shooting range, mountain biking, even made it through a motorcycle crash with the crystal still flawless and just a few scratches on the bracelet. I would recommend it to anyone for their first nice piece. Especially if it must be rugged.

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