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The Pantor Seal is a beastly diver

Back in February I reviewed the Pantor Sea Lion, a watch that I found to be surprisingly great. Now Pantor is back with the new Pantor Seal, a massive diver with a lot of Sea Lion attitude but with its own unique tricks. I got to spend a little time with this bad boy and as far as looks go, it pretty damn cool. Lets see if the looks matches its functionality.

Hands on Tissot’s Everytime Swissmatic

Tissot has made a handsome mechanical watch for those watch wearers who want to trade-in their battery powered time-tellers for the more nuanced world of mechanical watches.

Introducing the Draken Peregrine

Back in February 2017, Draken launched its kickstater campaign for the Draken Tugela and raised more than needed for their goal. I recently did a hands on review of the Tugela which turned out to be pretty darn nice. Starting November 16, 2017 Draken is coming out with a new Kickstarter campaign for their new aviation inspired Draken Peregrine. Draken was able to send me out a prototype and so far, I like what I see.

Hands on Davosa Ternos Black 40 Automatic 200m Diver

Davosa is the Swiss watch brand you don’t pronounce with confidence. After some time on the wrist, I have some confidence in the value proposition of the brand’s Ternos Black 40 Automatic Diver with a 200m water resistance rating. It’s a Submariner homage with a sub $1000 price tag, and you may want to give it a look.

Introducing the Elegantsis JSK Series

Elegantsis JSK Moto

Elegantsis Watch Company is not a new company, but unless you live in Taiwan or it surroundings you may have never heard of them. The company is trying to change that with their new model which launched on Kickstarter on August 1, 2017. Elegantsis partnered with California based JKS Moto Co to create a new motorcycle inspired watch. JSK Moto Co makes some pretty bad ass custom racing bikes from crazy modern to classic café racers. The result of this collaboration is one pretty cool looking watch. Offering three Classic series models and two Rarity limited model there are some pretty cool versions to choose from. I was able to get a hold of the Rarity Omega version and so far I like what I see.

Hands on with Spinnaker Cahill SP-5033-02 Black

Just in the past month I have had a chance to review a few watches from Spinnaker and I really like looks of what they offer. All their watches are of a nautical them and styles range from dressy to tool. They offer quartz, solar, and automatic movements so there are choices for just about anyone. I always tend to lean to automatic divers, so when I got a hold of this Spinnaker Cahill SP-5033-02 I was a pretty happy camper. I have been trying this out for a couple weeks now and so far so good.