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Seiko Blue Monster

WatchReport just rustled up the Blue Monster, a striking Seiko Diver that I would love to add to the collection. Very Orange Monster with Blue Face. Love the scheme. What’s nice about the Monster family is that they look very modern with a great auto movement in there.

The Seiko Blue Monster (Ref. SKZ213K1) is a beautiful, limited edition piece. Features include:

Thick, brushed stainless steel case.
Domed sapphire crystal.
Uni-directional rotating bezel.
Screw-down caseback.
Water-resistant to 200 meters, or about 650 feet.
Screw-down crown (at the four o’clock position).
Luminescent hands and hour markers.
Automatic movement (23 jewels).
Double folding safety clasp with diver’s extension (to fit over a wet suit).

The Seiko Blue Monster [WatchReport]

Review: Seiko SKX781K3 aka Orange Monster

No sub $200 watch holds so much cachet and rapt attention as the Orange Monster. New watch collectors take note: the Orange Monster is the best way to catch the collecting bug – it is hefty, colorful, beefy, and cool. It is extremely solid, extremely reliable, and water resistant to 200 meters. Why is the Orange Monster so popular? It’s inexpensive, it’s fun, and it’s a Seiko. It’s a beater, but it’s a beater that will get you compliments.

New Seiko Kit – SKZ209K1

PokemonRyu has a new Seiko auto for sale with a compass scale and a cool nylon kit. I don’t want another diver, but I can certainly say I’m innarested.

LATEST GADGET SEIKO AUTOMATIC DIVER WATCH SKZ209K1 KIT (item 5049707954 end time Nov-28-05 04:00:00 PST) [Ebay]

More Seiko Conjecture


Today is Spring Drive day, apparently. Jaime posits a future for Seiko on the Seiko and Citizen Forum.

1) Is that Seiko is now lending its workhorse movements to its lower end subsidiaries. 2) Seiko has internationally broken the 1,000.00++USD barrier watch, which even the Japanese Executives acknowledged, before the introduction of the Spring Drive, was difficult to sell outside Japan due to brand perception. 3) Seiko has created an outlet store outside of Japan( Singapore ). 4) An increased stake in Orient which are coming out with more cutting edge designs made for a lower end market. 5) Cheap Chinese watches will get better and better as requests for one off and internationally subcontracted brands continue. 6) Kinetics are now super reliable and find their movements in more expensive Seiko ( and other) tool/dress watches.

Read the entire post here.

The Spring Drive Revisted


Check out Velociphile’s take on the Spring Drive. Thorough. Very thorough.

Because it is a continuation of a line of evolution, it makes sense, at least to me, that developing better mechanicals remains valid; the logic being in the absence of quartz where could we be? And this is where I start to struggle with Spring Drive.

Read the rest here.

Inside the Seiko Spring Drive

Great in depth look at the Spring Drive from one of Timezone’s finest.

And so we come to the latest Seiko innovation, the Spring Drive. Although virtually all mechanical watches use a spring as a power source, the Spring Drive is extremely unique in that it dispenses with the 300+ year old idea of a mechanical escapement for the regulation of time. The result is a watch that avoids the age-old problems associated with mechanical escapements such as hairsprings, delicate balance wheels, pallet forks, and escape wheels (not to mention maintenance issues).

Seiko Spring Drive: A Revolution in Time – TimeZone

Seiko Worldwide Atomic Solar Watch


WatchReport checks out another nice atomic Seiko.

If you’re a regular Watch Report reader, you know how much I love the combination of atomic and solar, which usually means Casio. It looks like Seiko is getting serious about their atomic solar collections, however, and has announced the first atomic watch which works worldwide. Of course, “worldwide” means wherever there is an atomic clock, which is Japan (Fukushima and Kyushu), Germany (Frankfurt), and the US (Fort Collins, Colorado). In contrast, the atomic Casios I have only work in Japan and the US (and unfortunately, Casio makes plenty that only work in Japan).

Read the rest here.

The HangTime ACDC Ohms Law Watch – Instant Sex

I like my Ohm’s Law as much as the next guy. That’s why this is going on my belt.

Our newest product features
both our AC and DC Ohm’s law
formulas and incorporates our
unique resistor band color chart.
You will have the AC formulas
on the inside and the DC
formulas etched onto the flip
down cover. It swivels and
rotates up and around so the
watch faces you as you view it.

It also features a Seiko
movement, sweep
seconds-hand, a lifetime
warranty, and a beautiful deluxe
tin box – perfect for gift giving!

Sweep seconds-hand?

Check it out here

Why Seiko Is So Good

Great post from the Dive Watch Forum:

Your previous post regarding watches you’ve had forever. This watch was my high-school grad present from my Dad in 1971, and I’ve had it ever since (obviously). It has been run over by a car, shot at, lost for four months in the snow (I went back later with a borrowed metal detector in the Spring). It’s literally been through Hell, and I will never part with it. It cost $95.00 brand new, and isn’t worth much more than that now but in terms of ‘priceless’ possessions, it’s at the top of the list.

Read the whole thing here.

Seiko Orange Monster Chrono

I don’t like quartz chronos that well but this one is purdy. $230 ain’t half bad.

Check it out here

You can buy it here, apparently.