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It’s time to celebrate with the Orient King Diver

It feels like it’s been a good long while since we’ve had a watch brand celebrating a noteworthy milestone. While you may think of Orient as a newer brand, they’ve actually got some roots, marking 1950 as the official start of the company. With that, you know that means there’s a special watch coming, and in this case it’s a reissue – the Orient King Diver.

Taking a small swim with the Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba Quartz

We’ve been very interested watching the pendulum swing from super-large watch cases over to more compact and restrained designs. Sometimes a smaller watch just fits your wrist better, and is more comfortable – no harm in that. One of the latest to embrace that is the 37mm Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba Quartz.

Introducing the Oris Carysfort Reef Limited Edition

If you recall, a week ago, we talked about a watch helping get plastic out of the ocean. Well, ocean-conservancy-oriented watches are definitely a big theme of the year, and Oris is getting in on that action as well with the Oris Carysfort Reef Limited Edition.

Hands-on with the Yema Superman GMT Khaki

Yes, yes indeed – Yema week marches on! So far, we’ve told you about a very nice vintage-look diver (the Yema Superman 63) and a brand new aviator (the Yema Flygraf Pilot). Now, we’re bringing you a hands-on review from the Superman lineup (and one I hinted at in Monday’s article) – the Yema Superman GMT Khaki.

The Alpina Seastong Gyre – it’s for the oceans!

Of all the many things that 2020 has had contained within it, one thing I absolutely was not expecting to see was a surge in products being made from plastics being salvaged from the ocean. One of the latest happens to be the Alpina Seastong Gyre.

In Mother Russia, Stalingrad’s Kursk Diver wears you


A watch like this one turns heads. Stalingrad, a watch company that essentially builds watches that come from some alternate steampunk Soviet timeline, has released a bronze diver called the Kursk and it’s a real beast.

It’s the little things – like the Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba

After many years seeing the trend of overly-large watches take center stage (full disclosure, I used to be a big fan of 46mm case as well), we’ve seen the pendulum swing the other direction. Some of it is to appeal to everyone (and not have distinctly his or hers watches), and some of it is just giving support to the idea that, yeah, smaller watches can wear nicely as well. One of the latest to acknowledge that is the Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba.

You see it clearly – it’s the Christopher Ward C60 Sapphire

While you may not be down with all of the nomenclature, you are aware of the Christopher Ward C60 Trident lineup. It’s been seeing a lot of design changes and tweaks lately. It’s sort of like that universal platform that just lends itself to mods, it seems. The latest of these? The Christopher Ward C60 Sapphire.

Spelunking with the Feynman Cove

So, remember a bit back when we brought you word of the Feynman Cove? I found myself enamored of the dial design (particularly the hidden luminous wave), and as fortune would have it, we were able to spend some time with a prototype. Handy, since while the Kickstarter is closed, preorders for the Feynman Cove are currently open.

Help save the ice (and critters) with the Delma Oceanmaster Antarctica

It seems like a minor trend that we have watches helping to raise funds for icy parts of the worlds (you can see the first one here). This one is commemorating the discovery of Antarctica, and is helping raise funds for preservation efforts in that part of the world. Introducing the Delma Oceanmaster Antarctica.