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The Hunt for the GMT


Ok, people. I’ve got a bug up my ass. I want a GMT. It can be a Rolex or Omega, I don’t care, but we’re expecting, so I can’t go dumping all kinds of cash on something massive. I did my GMT round-up, I enjoyed the pieces that I got, but I’m just not satisfied. Any ideas?

Chinese Tourbillions, the Snakehead of the Watch Industry


Velociphile takes a close look at the rise of the Chinese tourbillions. What was once an expensive complication is now commonplace. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Good quality watches have always been available cheap, think Seiko 7s26, and even high complications such as rattrapante and repetition have their cheap functional examples in Western makers (Nivrel, Kelek, ETA etc) and that doesn’t prevent sales of more expensive versions. But if the Chinese begin to manufacture complications like this, a) at high volume, b) with super low prices, and critically, c) provide ‘Western’ companies with these kind of high complication base movements, the question is how do the Swiss maintain a clear “luxury premium” buffer?

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Charlize Theron Flogs Raymond Weil


So Raymond Weil is using Charlize Theron to flog their line of watches. At least she’s attractive.

Check out the release here.