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A true kickstarter, it’s the Altitude Pilot Watch

It seems that I’ve been having a lot of Flieger-style (or Flinger-Inspired) watches crossing my virtual desk these days. Many of these have taken other designs and mixed it up with a Flieger handset. IF you want something that is a bit more of a traditional, barebones style Flieger, then the Altitude Pilot Watch may be the one for you.

Taking off with the Formex Pilot

In our last Formex review we were looking at the Formex Essence, which took the established Formex design DNA and slimmed things down, while still keeping the case suspension system. Today, we’re going to have a hands-on look at something that more in line with what you’re familiar with from the company, in the form of the Formex Pilot.

Soaring onto Kickstarter, it’s the Axiom Montre D’Aviateur

Guess who’s back, back again.  Axiom’s back, tell a friend.  Yes, friends, the French brand with the quirkily vintage watches is back with another design for us over on Kickstarter.  We first wrote about them a little over a year ago, followed up with their second model shortly after, and then finally got to go hands-on with the Axiom 26 Bleu Horizon earlier this year.  Well, they’re at it again, bringing us a familiar design with some subtle tweaks in the form of the Axiom Montre D’Aviateur.

The Altitude Flieger is soaring onto Kickstarter

While there are a lot of brands producing fliegers (aka, those very German-style pilot watches), we have not seen a lot of them come up on Kickstarter.  Sure, we did cover a quartz one a little bit ago (here), but divers seem to be much more popular.  Well, no matter. If you like the flieger style, but want something of a Swiss automatic nature, then the Altitude Flieger is one you’re going to want to check out.

Introducing the Chotovelli Flieger

It was early last year when we first introduced you to the Italian brand, Chotovelli & Figli.  While that last watch was firmly in the world of the automotive, today’s watch takes us up into the skies.  In some ways, it’s continuing a theme I’ve noticed in watches crossing my desk lately – aviation seems to be a popular segment as of late.  And, of course, the Chotovelli Flieger furthers that supposition.

Off into the wild blue yonder with the Projects Watches Beyond the Horizon

Not all that long ago, just the other week, in fact, we were mentioning Projects Watches in another writeup that was talking about a watch that focused on a new, funkier sort of design-driven watch.  This time around, we’ve got an industrial designer and architect (both from Spain) powering up the Projects Watches Beyond the Horizon.

Getting back to basics with the Stowa Flieger Verus 40

When it comes to certain styles of watches, you can be very spoiled for choice.  Take dive watches, for instance – you have all manner of styles, both old and new, homage and original, across a variety of price points.  With other styles, you can still have a lot of choice, but when it comes to the design itself, they can all look very much the same – such as with Flieger-style watches.  What sets them apart?  Well, let’s see if we can’t answer that question with a closer look at the Stowa Flieger Verus 40.

Flying out of Reykjavik, it’s the JS Watch Co Frisland 1941

As with the prior JS Watch Co watch we wrote about, the JS Watch Co Frisland 1941 is not necessarily a new watch, in terms of the model.  It’s actually been around since 2011 (the 70th anniversary of the Reykjavik Airport).  So, why bring it up now?  Well, aside from being a pretty cool-looking piece, it’s just been granted one sweet dial, in an electric blue.

The Breitling Navitimer 8 Collection has landed

Navitimer 8 Automatic with blue dial and black leather strap. (PPR/Breitling)

Last month, a completely new collection was announced for Breitling – the Navitimer 8.  We’re used to seeing iterative designs, or additions to existing collections, of course.  Something completely new coming in, though, that’s a different story.  This is also the first major launch under their new CEO, Georges Kern.  These watches pay homage to the Huit Aviation department the brand had, and comprises five new models.  So, let’s see what the Breitling Navitimer 8 has in store for you.

Introducing the AVI-8 Flyboy Centenary 1920

Over the past few years, we’ve reviewed a lot of different AVI-8 models.  While there have been a variety of collections and design inspirations, they have all hewn closely to the idea that these are watches inspired by flight (AVI-8, aviate, you get it).  There have been a lot of clever and unique designs, but they have not gotten into the world of automatic movements (at least that have crossed my desk).  Well, with their new Centenary collection, the brand is getting into vintage-inspired designs, as well as bringing an automatic to the table.  The first of these we’ll be reviewing is the AVI-8 Flyboy Centenary 1920.