The proprietor of Gnomon Watches, a Singapore based on-line watch dealer, Anders Tan wasn’t happy just selling watches, so he took the next step and started making them. Dievas Watches got off to a slow start with the now discontinued Mesopelagic line, and the Endurance and Noble lines which are still in production. The designs were conventional, but they used tritium tube illumination and looked like fairly robust dive watches.

Then he released the Oceantimer series. This was a little more dramatic and distinctive, and was worth a second look. The Vintage series came out as an homage to a certain Italian military dive watch from the 1930s, but in a price range mere mortals can afford. Then the Divergraph series hit the street, and I just had to talk with this guy.

After getting bachelor’s degrees in Computer Engineering and Business in England, he went into the watch business. He’s very humble about his position in the market, giving credit to the watchmakers, distributors, and regular customers, and is grateful for their guidance and everything they’ve taught him. Anders was quick to acknowledge the contributions to his watch designs from his friends and customers.

When asked about the inspirations for his designs, Anders said, “I love watches. And appreciate all things watches. From Vintage to contemporary watches. I have my fair share of vintage and military watches that I managed to gather throughout the years. And a lot of my inspirations comes from there.” The military look, both contemporary in the Divergraph series, and classic in the Vintage series shines through in his newest lines. He went on to say, “And most of my designs so far has been focusing on simplicity and usability with a splash of colors.” And the use of orange and blue tritium tubes in the Divergraphs, and the hands on the Vintage Kampfschimmer is subtle and tasteful, achieving this goal.

Anders is a great guy, well educated, and well travelled, with diverse interests including motorsports, travel, and watches. More than this, he’s gone out and achieved his vision, running his own business and creating some handsome watches. He’s a great example of the small business entrepreneur who wants to stay small, and who wants to “have one to one interaction with every customer so as to give them 100% satisfaction.” In a market dominated by corporations who have twenty or more brand names in their stable, a down-to-earth, little guy with a great vision is a refreshing change. Ander says that the name Dievas “means superior. And it sounds like diverse. And it sounds like divers. And that is my vision.”

It’s great to see new blood in watch world, and I’m really looking forward to his next series of designs.

And for his products, go to Gnomon Watches or Long Island Watch Company.

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Last Update: June 19, 2008

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