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One of the nice things about writing for a widely read site is that companies will send us notices of upcoming designs and products in advance of the public release.  This was the case with the Can Watch, who sent us a notice a while back.  I will be honest, my reaction at the time was not positive.  But in reflection, the watch project on Kickstarter is definitely unique and will give anyone who gets one of these watches a story behind the product, and the project does hope to do good on a couple of levels.

Can Watch 3

First off, the watch utilizes the bottom of a soda can for the watch case and dial.  It is mated to a more substantial case back, so you are not going to have to worry about crushing the case, and the watch does have a crystal, so the handset is protected.  At around $100, it is powered by a simple quartz movement; beign constructed from a soda can, it is big.  The Can Watch S, the smaller of the two models, is listed at 54mm, so it is a big watch.  There is a 2 watch set with the S and the larger model, but they don’t list the size of that watch.  From the images, it looks to be as much as 50% larger.

Can Watch 1

You have your choice of 3 different browns, a blue or a black leather strap for the watch as well.  Up front, I mentioned that the company is hoping to do good on a couple of levels, and recycling a few hundred is not going to make much difference (though it is a start).  Giving work to people in need, that is a going to make a difference, at least for the folks who get the jobs.  The company behind the project is constructing the watches in China using labor from a shelter workshop, providing locals with jobs and skills.  So if you like big watches, you like unique watches, and you want to do a little good in the world, check out the Can Watch project page.

Watch Overview

  • Brand & Model: Alchemist Creations Can Watch
  • Price: ~$100
  • Who we think it might be for: Someone looking for a unique watch at a low price.
  • Would I buy or recommend it just on the photos?:  Not my style.
  • If I could make one design suggestion, it would be: Maybe add a little color by using cans from various sodas.
  • What spoke to me the most about this watch:  It has a story behind it.

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