Apologies for the lyrical riffing there – but frankly, it’s what came to mind.  Any which way, on to the watch!

If you recall, last month, we had a hands-on review of the limited edition CW C9 Harrison (review).  Today, we have word of the latest iteration of that specific model, which adds in a chronograph to the mix.  Rather than force you to read through a bunch of text to figure out the exact differences, I’ve actually got a handy graphic here (from CW) that outlines it all in one shot:

c9 diff



So, as you can see, you’ve got a nice bump in terms of the movement involved (and functionality, of course), all while keeping the blue-blue-blue theme of the original.


Of course, price has gone up a bit, but you can still pick one up for just under $1250 outside of the EU – and it’s available now (product page).

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