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Everyday Carry, Times Two


EDC 10-2aSince we are a watch site, I thought I would point you toward a couple of Everyday Carry posts with watches that I like, and affordable watches to boot.  First up is this post from a commercial photographer.  The watch is a common recommendation for people just starting to explore mechanical and automatic watches, the Orient Bambino.  The watch is mated to a nice 21mm NATO strap.

EDC 10-2bNext up is a monochromatic EDC that pairs stainless and titanium metal parts with black nylon.  The watch here is a Sinn 556i, this time on a premium NATO strap from Crown&Buckle.

As always, if you submit your own EDC to the site, please be sure to drop us a line so we can gather up the reader submissions to do a roundup. everydaycarry.com


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