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Help support medical frontline folks (and get a chance to win a watch)


As you’re well aware, this pandemic is hitting the world hard. And of course, we’ve got the folks out there on the front line bearing a lot of the burden. Realizing that, Andy Sealy and Mark Sealy (of Maals Watches) decided to do something to raise funds for NHS. They reached out to some friends, organized things, and now there’s a fund-raiser raffle going on.

Who did they get involved? Well, I’m glad you asked, because it’s quite an interesting roster of brands in the small independent watch scene:

  • Darren Tiffany of D M Tiffany Timepieces
  • Brad McCallister of Mitchell Timepieces
  • Derek Love of EMG Watches
  • Emilio Mundula of A Time to Watch
  • Ivan Hampton Ennis of Iconic Timepieces
  • Cesare Zuccaro of Gravithin
  • Ilan Mu Sru of Egard

Given those names, you can tell you’ve got more than a few watches you’re buying virtual raffle tickets for, as well as a piece of jewelry and a few pens. Not only that, you can enter the drawing for just ?10 (approx. $12). What charity is it supporting? That would be their local NHS SWFT Charity which is registered and such.

The raffle just went live today, and will run until April 30th, with the winners randomly being drawn on June 5th (to allow for postal entries). And of course, all of the funds raised will be donated to the SWFT Charity. Sure, it’s overseas for many of us, but I think this pandemic has us all realizing how interconnected we are. Throw a few bucks in the hat to show appreciate for those medical staffers, and who knows, you may even win a watch. You can check out the details – and donate – right here: go.rallyup.com/nhswatchraffle

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