Back in 2017, and then again in 2018, Neil went hands-on with different Wryst Swiss watches. I’ve been aware of the brand for some time, but never have actually handled one in person. That said, something about the bent girder case protector design kept me curious. Recently, I spent some time with the Wryst Elements PH7.

A quick note on the nomenclature of the Wryst Elements PH7. Elements refers to the particular line it hails from, while the PH7 is basically the color designation that the watch gets. Here, it’s the “Deep Blue” which shows up in accents on the dial, as well as on the strap itself. Coloration aside, all models of the Wryst Elements sports watch collection should be the same.

First things first – the Wryst Elements PH7 is a large watch. Yes, the 45mm spec tells you that, but with how the integrated case protectors flare out at the sides, and extend out into the lugs, you really get a large visual punch. The case is also surprisingly thick for it being a quartz movement inside, though a lot of that is due to the extreme curve that the case – and the crystal – have.

Depending on your lighting conditions, the Wryst Elements PH7 will pick up a decent bit of glare on that curved crystal. That’s not unique to the brand – in my experience, most any heavily-curved crystal is going to be reflecting light on some part of it, unless the brand has invested in some really good AR coating. The specs here don’t call out an anti-reflective treatment, but the slight blue tint I was seeing on the reflections makes me think there’s at least one layer on there.

Visually, the Wryst Elements PH7 is a striking watch. Like the design or leave it, this is something that you will immediately notice, as will others. Part of this is due to the case size itself, but it’s also the design. It’s a unique look, one that as I now review the photos puts me almost in mind of the Cobra logo from the old G.I. Joe toys of my youth. But I digress. Those case flares are more than ornamental. Given that they’re steel, they’re actually protectors, keeping stuff from whacking the side of the inner case (protecting the movement) or the crown, which keeps things from getting busted up. In other words, it’s a crown protector, just one that goes over the screw-down crown, rather than flanking the sides.

With the dial, the Wryst Elements PH7 has a look that puts me in mind of a semi-futuristic gauge from a car dashboard. You’ve got decently-sized polished numerals (particularly at the compass points), and some interesting sectors marked out on the dial. The handset is a simple stick style, and they get the job done. That said, given the sizing of the watch, overall, the hands felt undersized, due to the narrow luminous stripe. Enlarging that would help the visual balance. That would also give a boost to the nighttime visibility, as it would afford a large luminous stripe, along with enabling the lumed pips at the indices to enlarge as well.

As a design exercise, the Wryst Elements PH7 shows the creativity that can be taken to wrap something around a quartz movement. While my current taste in watches wouldn’t have me buying one, I could very much see myself going for one in my 20s, and being quite delighted with it. Also, I think their chronograph models really do benefit from the case flares, given the protection they lend to the pushers. The Wryst Elements PH7 that we reviewed here goes for $775, and that’s the same for all the colors in this line. If you go into their chronograph or automatic models, prices are indeed higher. However, they all share the same basic case design DNA, so if it’s grabbing your eye, check them out over at

Tech Specs from Wryst

  • PRODUCTION: Limited Edition of 75 pieces
  • REFERENCE: Wryst PH7 Elements
  • CASE: Stainless Steel Grade 516L
  • COATING: Scratch-Resistant Black DLC
  • CRYSTAL: Mineral “K1” Shatterproof
  • MOVEMENT: Swiss Quartz with Date
  • SIZE: 45 mm Width
  • CROWN: Screwed Crown
  • BRACELET: Blue and Black
  • EXTRA STRAP: Black and Blue
  • WRIST SIZE: Wrist 150mm to 205mm
  • RESISTANCE: 100 Meters (10ATM)
  • WARRANTY: 12 Months

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