Moonphase watches will never not be interesting to me. Sure, it may not be the most practical or useful thing in day-to-day, when they’re accurate (as opposed to simply decorative), it becomes another clever bit of astronomical information you can carry on your wrist. The MeisterSinger Stratoscope does all that with stylish simplicity.

Now, you know if we’re talking MeisterSinger, we’re looking at a single-hand watch. Not quite the precision I look for out of a watch, but plenty of folks are plenty pleased with the relaxed take on things. However, precision hides under the dial. While many moonphase movements will round the lunar cycle to 29.5 – and therefore require an adjustment of one day every three years – MeisterSinger gets much closer to the 29 day, 12 hour, 44 minutes, and 2.9 seconds cycle. Meaning that the moonphase only needs to be adjusted once every 122 years – just make sure you keep it wound up!

So, you’ve got that bit of technical wizardry going on. Then, there’s the artistry of the dial. You’ve got balanced numeric layout, as you’d expect. The dial fades from black at the top to blue at the bottom, giving you the sense of a nighttime sky – one with the aurora borealis active. Then, of course, you have the moon. This is a realistic depiction, and it’s actually luminous. Meaning you can see it – and the hand and numerals – easily in the dark.

This is a great watch coming from a brand that’s turning 20 this year, and will no doubt turn a number of heads if you have one on your wrist. It’s available now for 3,690 EUR (approximately $4,500). For more information just head over to MeisterSinger, and find your retailer at their store finder.

Tech Specs from MeisterSinger

Model       Stratoscope
Movement         MS Luna (base Sellita SW 220), Automatic, power reserve 38 h, date, moon phase
Diameter43 mm
CaseStainless steel, sapphire glass, 5 bar, 6 screws exhibition back
Dial  Black-blue, moon and time display luminescent
SpecialityLarge central moon phase
OriginGerman brand, Swiss Made
RRP 3.690 Euro
AvailabilityMiddle of May

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Last Update: May 25, 2021