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Introducing the Rado True Thinline Les Couleurs Collection


When we think of ceramic in watches, we tend to consider it as an accent material. Say, popping into a bezel insert. Of course, that’s not all the material is good for, and it can be used to create the whole watch – case and bracelet. That’s something Rado has gained particular expertise in, as well as the ability to imbue the ceramic with color. This all comes together in their latest offering, the Rado True Thinline Les Couleurs Collection.

Le Courbusier

With this partnership with Les Couleurs Suisse, Rado is going deep into color theory, working with – and honoring – the color palette established by Le Corbusier in 1939, and then extended again in 1959. These are more than just simple blocks and combinations of colors. Le Corbusier chose these colors from his experience as a painter and architect (amongst other things) to all be able to work together, and for specific moods and purposes. The 1939 palette ended up having 43 shades, while 1959 saw another 20 colors (bolder than the prior ones) coming into the fold.

His color pallete

While Rado are the masters of tinting their ceramics, introducing 63 different colors all at once, well, that would be an undertaking. So, instead, we’ve got representative tones to mark the two color series:

  • 1939
    • Cream White (32001)
    • Iron Grey (32010)
    • Slightly Greyed English Green (32041)
    • Grey Brown Natural Umber (32141)
    • Pale Sienna (32123)
  • 1959
    • Spectacular Ultramarine (4320K)
    • Sunshine Yellow (4320W)
    • Powerful Orange (4320S)
    • Luminous Pink (4320C)

These are all rather interesting choices, and for those who are of a mind to look for color to go in their lives, well, the choice would be difficult. At least, it would be for me. I really dig that Ultramarine, but the yellow and orange are lovely, and the Iron Grey and English Green are nice, subtler approaches to pops of color.

As you can see, these new Rado True Thinline watches are all about that color. As far as the watch itself goes, it’s the same watch that we’ve known. In fact, we went hands-on with the watch right here (LINK), and is basically unchanged. The ceramic material has an interesting feel on the wrist, and it’s crazy how light the watch simply is.

To recap, the Rado True Thinline Les Couleurs Collection is a new range of colors (nine of them) that celebrate the work of Le Corbusier, and bring some rather vivid hues to your wrist, all in ceramic. Each of the nine colors is limited to 999 pieces, and command a price of $2,100 (the same price as we’ve seen before). If you’re looking for bright colors, no longer do you need to resort to plastic watches. or finishes that scratch and chip Ceramics, friend. Ceramics is where it’s at. rado.com

Tech Specs from Rado

  • Movement : quartz, 13 jewels, 2 hands
  • Case
    • matte high-tech ceramic case, monobloc construction matt high-tech ceramic crown
    • curved sapphire crystal
    • water-resistant to 3 bar (30m)
    • titanium case back with special digital print on sapphire crystal: Le Corbusier colour stripes, POLYCHROMIE ARCHITECTURALE and LIMITED EDITION ONE OUT OF 999
  • Dial : printed indexes, printed Rado logo
  • Hands : in the same colour as the dial
  • Bracelet: 3-row matte high-tech ceramic titanium 3-fold clasp
  • Dimensions: 39.0 x 43.3 x 5.0 (WxLxH in mm)

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