We’ve seen a number of watch brands utilizing recycled ocean plastic that comes from #tide Ocean Material. We’re glad to see those materials not just getting removed from the oceans, but also being put to new use in consumer goods. The latest to take advantage of this trend is the newly announced Timex Waterbury Ocean.

Now, the Timex Waterbury is not a new collection, and it’s got a number of different designs available in it. For this plastic interpretation, it looks like they’ve used their Legacy design, which I am rather a fan of, as I tend to like fluted bezels. Of course, there’s no metal here (well, presumably there is on the caseback), and instead it’s all plastic.

This, along with the quartz movement, means the Timex Waterbury Ocean is going to be a very lightweight watch, which should make for a very comfortable wear. In terms of coloration, there are five different versions coming. From the photos we’ve seen, it looks like you’ve got a heathered effect in the case and braceelt, and that pattern carries on into the dial as well. It’s a unique look, and has a very summery feel.

Just don’t try to swim with the Timex Waterbury Ocean watches. Though Water is in the name, they’re only carrying a 30m WR rating (so, you’re safe to wash your hands with it on). Then again, perhaps sealing things with the plastic is a bit trickier on the crown. Want one of these to grace your wrist this summer? They’re available in two case sizes for $99 directly from timex.com

Details from Timex

  • MSRP: $99
  • Colorways: gray/gunmetal, navy, gray/rose gold, blue and pink
  • Case, Bracelet and Dial Made from #tide Upcycled Ocean-Bound Plastic
  • 30m Water Resistant
  • Available in 2 case sizes: 42mm Case, 20mm Lug and 37mm Case, 18mm Lug

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