It was 50 years ago that the airwaves were first greeted with the sight of people standing on a hillside, with the song “I’d like to teach the world to sing…” following closely after. Even though that commercial was created well before I landed in this world, I still can picture it in my mind (and if you can’t, we’ve embedded it below). Given how iconic that commercial was – for quite a long time – it’s no surprise that we’ve now got some watches looking to capture the hope of, if not that era, at least the commercial. Introducing the Timex x Coca-Cola Unity Collection.

In terms of what watches are part of this, these are existing models in their lineup, albeit ones with some super-groovy 70s-themed graphics showing up (along with the Coca-Cola logo). The first is their 34mm T80 digital watch, which has a positively trippy design printed onto the logo that surrounds the LCD. The next one is the lovely 38mm Timex Q (we reviewed one here), which tones down the trippy 70s vibe for a still-groovy rainbow with the word “Peace” under it, and of course the Coca-Cola logo under it.

Finally, if you’re not digging the bell bottom and flower child vibe, but really want show your love of Coke off, there’s the 40mm Timex Standard. This looks like, well, any other Timex Standard, except you’ve got a giant multi-color Coca-Cola logo crossing the dial, with a small, stylized dove under it (this is a graphic I remember quite vividly from my childhood as well) to fit in with the hopeful, unifying message of the commercial.

The trio that comprise theTimex x Coca-Cola Unity Collection are available now. The Timex Standard will run you $99, the trippy T80 goes for $89, and then the Q comes in at the top of the line at $189. These watches may not teach the world to sing in perfect harmony, but they can help you remember that message, and maybe even help you do your own little part. The watches are available – as you’d expect – directly from

Tech Specs from Timex

  • Timex T80
    • Coke 1971 Artwork on Lens – Chronograph
    • Iconic Hilltop Melody
    • INDIGLO®
    • Adjustable SST Bracelet – 30M W/R
    • Case: 34mm
  • Q Timex
    • Rotating Bezel
    • Matte Light Create Dial
    • Luminant Hands
    • Domed Acrylic Crystal
    • Functional Battery Hatch – 50M W/R
    • Case: 38mm, Lug: 18mm
  • Timex Standard
    • Matte Light Create Dial
    • INDIGLO®
    • Luminant Hands
    • Black Leather Strap with Red Stitch- ing and Quick Release
    • 30M W/R
    • Case: 40mm, Lug: 20mm

By Patrick Kansa

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