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MB&F – New Watch Brand – You Know, For Kids



Interesting, if slim, press release on a new watch brand by Maximillian Bu?sser. Just so Maximillian doesn’t slip a disc, these things are going to be for adults only! He says:

And at 150’000US$ the first watch, I don’t expect many children to be able to access MB&F !

After seven years at the head of Harry Winston Timepieces, transforming
what was a small entity of the iconic New York jeweller into one of the global
leaders in high-end watchmaking, Maximilian Bsser has set upon creating
the first ever Horological Concept brand “MB&F”.

The Brand: MB&F stands for Maximilian Bu?sser & Friends
The Concept: The first ever community of independent craftsmen and
women, artisans and creators assembled each year for the sole purpose of
creating together one world premieremechanical timepiece. All extremely
talented people Maximilian has had the privilege to enjoy working with over
his last 15years in watchmaking. Individuals with unique competences who
have reunited for one common goal: to create what has never been done,
and who will all be credited for their participation.
The Product: amazing, just amazing… and always embodying shared val-
ues of exceptional mechanical horology mixed with innovative thinking.
The Timing: The first watch should be delivered around November 2006
and will be crafted in a very limited series of 30 watches over the following
12 months.
The product press release will be sent out in September2006.
If you open the attachment, you will perhaps be able to recognize some of
the “friends” working on the first timepiece. MB&F is about keeping a child’s
perspective: more emotion, larger than life dreams, and this uncanny ability
to believe that everything is possible…

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