Swiss watchmaker OMEGA is pleased to announce that young golf superstar Michelle Wie has joined Ernie Els and Sergio Garcia in the luxury brand’s family of international golfing ambassadors. The Omega Golfing Family also includes Korean player KJ Choi and Danish lady golfer Iben Tinning. As a sport of character, golf is a perfect complement to a watch manufacturer like Omega. The prestige Swiss brand is one of the few watchmakers in the world to boast a history and tradition that can compete with that of the noble sport of golf.


  1. Now, if Wie can just win a tournament. Any tournament. PGA, LPGA, women’s amatuers, local put-put tournament. Please win something Wie and then we’ll buy your watches.

  2. Dismissing Michelle Wie because she hasn’t won a golf tournament since the 2003 WAPL is absolutely nutty. Natalie Gulbis, several years Michelle’s senior and by pretty much universal acclaim one of the LPGA’s most talented players, has yet to win an LPGA tournament, yet no one seems to be suggesting that this means there’s somehow a chink in her competitive armor. Michelle’s accomplishments on the golf course have been absolutely stunning by any rational, dispassionate standard. At 16, she’s already holding her own against the best female golfers on the planet and been more competitive against the finest male golfers in the world than Tiger Woods likely would have been at her age. I bemoan the folly of those who blind themselves to her incredible achievements with the absurd notion that her failure to win a tournament since 2003 and her tendency to falter in the clutch at times render her unworthy of admiration, respect, and fame. She’s only 16, people! To tear her down because she hasn’t achieved perfection in your eyes borders on the abusive. Her gifts and her approach to her sport and to life should command all the respect and admiration in the world in those who value talent, character and sportsmanship.

  3. P.S. Michelle Wie embodies the character and grace with which the world has associated the Omega brand for so many years. What a wonderful choice to be the company’s latest addition to its elite group of international golfing ambassadors!

  4. Let’s see: two LPGA tournaments in 2006, missed a playoff in each by one stroke. If she were old enough to be in the LPGA, she would be 7th on the money list.

    How many tournaments does a 16 year old need to win to earn the right to sponsor a wristwatch?

  5. Somebody should move “reached climax” and “Michelle Wie” away from each other in most popular. I look at that every time until I realize it’s about the damn watches, as usual…

  6. Wheeeeeee! I hate pink! First you win, and become an Elite Pro before you endorse a product such as my beloved Omega, an amateur champion although impressive, is not worthy of a product endorsement such as a timepiece, perhaps underwear or a t-shirt would have been more fitting. I love Omega watches, but am perturbed that it is associated with a wannabe who tries to compete with men when she can’t even compete against her own gender. I don’t blame the endorser, but Omega please stop this sort of nonsense that insults your product! Ernie Els, Michael Schumacher, they deserve their names being associated with the Constellation Double Eagle, and Speedmaster respectively. But a Pink Wie… well at least Omega chose the right color association! Yes, she is rich, but for age and looks. Associate the product with these parameters, and it would be acceptable, but not with Wie’s minimal accomplishments in Pro Golf!

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