Many of us who got our first real six string and played until our fingers bled will recall the heady days of 1965. Riots in the streets, love in the air, and a palpable joy in living. And us flower children also had handsome watches with a beautiful tropical patina from a manufacturer that really knew how to make wonderful timepieces.

While the Oris Divers 65 Chronograph is inspired by the original diver’s chronographs the company made in the 1960s. These pieces come on leather or steel straps and feature a 43mm stainless case and Oris 771, base SW 510 movement with running seconds and a minutes counter.

The 65 has no date window or running hours hand – if you’re diving for more than a few hours you might need a doctor’s note – but it does feature 100 meter water resistance and anti-reflective Sapphire crystals on the front and back.

The pieces ship in June and will cost about $4,000. It’s obviously a bit pricey for a two register chronograph but there ain’t no use in complainin’ when you’ve got a dive to do especially if you spend your evenings down at the watch shop. After all, we were young and restless and needing to unwind. [Guitar Solo]

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