The Schofield Beater line of watches are delightfully robust, and have materials and finishes that have them looking like watches that are, well, designed to take a beating. Just because something is rough and tough doesn’t mean it can’t have some delicate touches to it, though. At least, that’s what the Schofield Japanese Beater B5 shows us.

Up front, the Schofield Japanese Beater B5 looks not that dissimilar to the prior Beater models, with some case finishing and radiusing that differentiates it from what came before. To see the beauty of the piece, you need to flip it over. There, on the caseback, you’ll see a plum tree in bloom, inspired by a Fuch? manhole cover (so, even in beauty, there’s a brutality). So those blooms aren’t hidden away, you also get a lapel pin with the design (and that’s something future releases will be doing as well, it sounds like).

Paired to the Schofield Japanese Beater B5 is a Japanese Plum canvas strap, with a name (and color) that evokes those blooms, and a contrast stitch that picks up the color of the dial. Oh, and that color is more than just a name – it’s achieved by using persimmon and plum to get that rich color in the coarse weave of the strap.

For this release, just 29 pieces of the Schofield Japanese Beater B5 will be made available. If you’re in the UK (where Schofield calls home), you’ll need to pony up £3580 (which includes VAT and free shipping), while everywhere else is excluded from VAT, so you’re at £2983 (approx $3,555) plus shipping. Check it out over at

Tech Specs from Schofield

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