Reservoir X Popeye Cricket Watch: The Venn diagram of watch lovers you’d be excused if you didn’t expect there to be an overlap of Swiss micro-brand fans with Popeye lovers and Cricketeers. But here we are.

Cricket World Cup

This new watch features a jaunty Popeye grabbing his bat on a green cricket pitch. The watch uses a retrograde movement to swing Popeye’s hand back and forth.

The watch uses an interesting tech to power Popeye’s appendage from 1 to 60 and a jump hour window to show the current hour. The watch itself is aimed at the Indian market in honor of the Cricket World Cup. From the release:

Power Reserve

Powered by the caliber RSV-240, a proprietary patented three-complication module coupled to a manufacture movement (LJP-G100 base), combining retrograde minute, jumping hour and a 56-Hour power reserve (not seen on the dial).

Reservoir X Popeye Cricket Watch

The RESERVOIR X POPEYE CRICKET watch brings together Reservoir’s boldness, Popeye’s resilience, and Cricket’s adrenaline-fueled energy in a harmonious symphony of adventure and passion. As the 2023 Men’s Cricket World Cup approaches, this limited-edition timepiece becomes a cherished collectible, celebrating the unyielding spirit of adventure and cartoon nostalgia. It’s a horological magic that transcends boundaries—a timeless legacy etched in every “AAAHuuUUH GUhGuhGuhGuh!”


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