Ingersoll Bison No 42 (2)

Ingersoll is launching some new models, and we”ve got three on-hand that we”ll be bringing you a review of.  The first one we”ll be looking at, today, is one from the Bison lineup.  If you recall, we looked at one of these watches (The No. 25, here) last year; this one carries some similarities, but it is truly it”s own model.

Ingersoll Bison No 42 (4)

Our sample of the No. 42 was ref. IN4107BBBL, and it follows what I call a “bruise” color pallet – all shades of black and blue.  Blue is my favorite color, so for me, this combo works quite well.  The black of the case, dial, and strap help it feel a bit smaller than it actually is; the blue is a cool contrast.  Interestingly, here, I believe that the crystals (front and back) are actually tinted blue.

Ingersoll Bison No 42 (11)

I say this because the color match of the date wheel to the indices and numerals is simply too close to be anything other.  It”s, I believe, the first time I”ve seen a tinted crystal, and I was pleasantly surprised.  It really didn”t impact readability all that much (helped by the darker dial), and it gives things a bit of a welcome twist.

Ingersoll Bison No 42 (1)

On that dial, you”ve no doubt noticed the sub-dials, as well as the pushers flanking the crown. As we”ve seen with other Ingersoll models, this isn”t due to the automatic movement enabling a chronograph.  Here, they”re tracking calendar-related metrics – day of the week, month of the year (for 9 o”clock and 3 o”clock); at the 6 o”clock position, you”ve got a 24-hour indicator (tied to the main hands).

Ingersoll Bison No 42 (10)

In terms of design, this is a very cohesive one, with properly-sized hands and indices keeping things clean.  For the hard specs on the watch, those are decent as well, including:

  • 48mm stainless steel case
  • 615 caliber automatic mechanical movement
  • 50m water resistance rating
  • Polyurethane strap with case-matched buckle

Ingersoll Bison No 42 (13)

Coming in at a list price of $570 (available here) (and on), it”s an interesting proposition.  It”s not an overly complicated piece, but it does present some interesting styling twists.  One more thing I would mention, if you pick up one of these, save some coin for a new strap.  The strap on this watch is comfortable enough, but it”s one of those polyurethane compounds that picks up all manner of dust.

Ingersoll Bison No 42 (3)


  1. I have had an Ingersoll for a while (I happen to be wearing it today) and it is well built, nicely finished and keeps good time. I was actually complemented on it one time by a guy wearing a Panerai (I am 99.99% sure he was not trying to pick me up).

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