The Dino was the first OP watch that we looked at, so it’s somewhat appropriate that the last one in this batch we’ll be reviewing is the Sammy (confused?  read up here).  While the previous models have been fully analog, the Sammy breaks from that mold.

This, of course, is done with the addition of a digital display on the lower portion of the dial.  This gives it a more modern look (as compared to other models), especially in the blue/silver combo of our review model (ref OP-1009-BL).  That said, it does carry over some of the design motifs we’ve seen before, such as the penguin seconds hand and the gold-tone crown.

At 42mm, the stainless steel case is nicely balanced with pushers on both sides of the case.  The control the usual complement of functions (cycling through modes, backlight, start/stop), and are labelled on the dial should you not recall which you want to press – which can be more likely than you’d think with this many buttons.

While this, overall, is a nice piece (and I do like the “hidden” print on the underside of the strap), this is one I’d be hard-pressed to want to add to my collection, as it just doesn’t hearken to the vintage inspiration as closely as I’d like (and have liked in the previous models).

Of course, I realize others may like the more modern design.  If you count yourself among that group, you can expect to pay a reasonable $125 to put this watch on your wrist.

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