Ernie at WatchUSeek is selling these things for about $205. I’m thinking of picking one up. The top crown locks down to hide the bezel adjustment and the style, reminiscent of the canteen divers of yore, is pretty hot.

First, I have to say that this watch is much nicer-looking than I ever expected it to be and seems very solidly built. The case is large, thick, and heavy and is finished very nicely with the top surfaces having a brushed finish with the sides and back being mirror polished. I mean mirror polished too! You could shave looking into the shine of this watch

Product Page [WatchUSeek]
An Affordable Diver [WatchUseek Watch Forums]


  1. Paid for replacement .Received replacement watch;rotor off in case gears falling around inside of watch.Watch Repaired Received watch back.Ran for 3 days would stop at midnight all 3 days when rolling day&date.Send watch back for repair.Three months Later still no Watch or any Idea when would be repaired.Watch send to Rienschild service Dept 76 littleton Rd’Chelmsford Ma 01824.
    Doug | 11.25.09 – 11:28 pm | #

  2. They stood behind there watch;Send me brand new dark sea watch.Limited edition with extra stainless & rubber bands.Hard to find customer sevice like this now a days.Doug

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