I’ve always been a sucker for cool watches. I probably own close to a hundred different watches; everything from an original “12 Monkeys” movie watch to a Seiko 2K Databank watch that came with a removable keyboard. (That Seiko helped me though many a history exam – better learning with technology!) So when TokyoFlash announced their top secret watches, codenamed “Equalizer” and asked us if we’d be willing to review one for them, I naturally jerked out of my caffeine-induced state of being and took notice. It took TokyoFlash nearly a full year of research & development and 9 re-designs to get this watch just right – so did they?

GadgetMadness.com :: Review: TokyoFlash High Frequency Watch by Equalizer

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  1. Just thought I leave a comment. Its a great watch but
    the watch band is to short/small,So if you are a big guy like me it wont fit /John Philip

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