In case you weren’t aware (and were wondering why you saw so many “get registered” notices), today is Voter Registration Day. Shinola feels strongly about this, and are encouraging folks to get registered to vote, introducing a new Detrola to do just that.

Now, we’ve covered the Shinola Detrola before, and this one is a new colorway. Aside from that, here’s what the brand is saying about the initiative:

  • No matter why you vote or who you vote for, it?s vital to get out there and actually do it. But the reality is, voting can be (or feel) difficult for many ? especially now, amidst these unconventional times ? and it shouldn?t be. To that end, we?ve partnered with I am a voter.? to launch the I Voted Detrola to spread the word on how to get your voice heard & take action.
  • Your voice is your vote, and the I Voted Detrola is not only a declaration of democracy, it?s an expression of who you are. Wear it while you register your friends, give your family a ride to the polls, or fill out your absentee ballotWe?ve enlisted the help of I am a voter.? to direct consumers to resources they need to get themselves registered, informed, and prepared for the polls. 
  • As an added element and to support on a local level, we?ve collaborated with Detroit-based 1xRUN (?one-time run?) on 30 one-of-a-kind renditions of the I Voted watch on customized nylon straps by artist Alexander John available on Images can be found in the link above, and there are additional images to come (shooting the rest as we speak!). We?ll be donating $100 per watch to the Detroit Pistons Get In The Game: VOTE initiative.
  • Additionally, Shinola is proud to announce that as a company we?ll be giving all employees the day off to get out there and vote, work the polls, and get involved.

So, as you can see, this is more than a marketing gimmick – Shinola is getting behind this, and ensuring as many people get to the voting booth as possible. For more on the $395 watch, head directly to

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