Friends, it’s happened again. I got an email describing a party in Las Vegas — it is going to last from 5PM to 9PM, just enough time to get back to watch Scrubs — and it celebrates the magic of tourbillon watch, Terry Allison style.

I’m just not going to comment on Terry and his business acumen but, as expected, the actor Steven Seagal has one of his new tourbys and is very pleased with it. He, and other celebrities will attend the party and all is right with the world.

And I think Quixotic is probably the best name for a line of watches ever. It describes his mission to a T.

Product Page

3 thoughts on “Terry Allison Jr.’s New Line of Tourbillons: Quixotic”
  1. I like the looks of it. The press release said these are “affordable” tourbillons. Interested to see how affordable.

    On the website and press release it says Steven Seagal is a shareholder not necessarily that he wears one. Where did you see that?

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