Cognitime Classic 06


It’s a brand new month, and that means one thing here at WWR – it is time for a new giveaway!  This month, we have another watch with a very unique way of telling time – the Cognitime Classic.



We here at WWR are no strangers to watches that introduce unique ways of telling the time.  As Matt noted in his review, the Cognitime Classic introduces another twist in that you can actually adjust how some portions of the display actually read.  Rather than me rehashing that, I’ll just point you at his writeup for the details.

Cognitime Classic 03

These sorts of watches have some learning curve to them, but they are generally not insurmountable.  Once you’ve got it down, you then have something on your wrist that is going to just plain look different, and grab some attention, especially when your friends try to figure out what the time is.


To enter, just head on over here and get your entries in.  Good luck!

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