We’re not stranger to watches that use words, rather than numerals, to tell the time, as we looked at a QlockTwo example (here) previously. However, that watch was a very cool digital – how about a watch for someone who’s wants something in an analog style? If that’s the case, then the Till has got you covered.


The Till was designed by one Daniel Will-Harris – and I hear you wondering who that is, exactly. Well, the way that the folks over at ProjectsWatches work things, they actually reach out to architects and other non-watch designers to come up with the watches they release twice per year. Will-Harris established himself with watches when he created the Reveal watch, which was designed for MoMA (and was inspired from details inside the museum). You can see this, and his other designs, right here.


Let’s get back to the watch at hand, though. When someone asks us the time, we rarely say “Oh, it’s 11:13”. No, we’re more likely to say that it’s a quarter past 11, right? The Till works with that predilection, with two rotating discs that act as the hands, showing the text of “quarter past” or “5 till”, for example.


For the hours, those keep the standard numerical display (I imagine text would have taken up too much room), and that disc is slightly translucent, allowing you to check where the time is if you’re not picking it up from muscle memory of where the cutout is on the dial. The minute disc is opaque, and, when it’s between the written-out five minute markers, it appears as a plain red hand.


The Till features a quartz movement which is housed in a 40mm stainless steel case, attached to a 20mm silicone band. For case finish, you can opt for a black IP (which is paired with the black dial), or you can go for the brushed finish, which is matched up with the white dial.


Coming in at a price of $125 (and available later this month), I must admit that this is an intriguing design. I think this could make for a great everyday sort of a watch, for someone who’s looking for something a bit different, but isn’t quite ready to jump into the TokyoFlash or Ziiiro catalogs. To get yours, head on over to ProjectsWatches (black or white) or give our friends at Watchismo a visit.

By Patrick Kansa

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