TRIWA (Transforming the Industry of Watches) is a Scandinavian watch company more aligned with the fashion of watches than the intricacies of the mechanics.  They sell in fashion boutiques and follow the fashion calendar, with two releases a year.  For the Spring collection, they have taken their existing Sort of Black Watch (all black with a bit of gold on the hands) and reversed the color scheme, producing a gold watch with a bit of black on the hands, in both a 3-hander and chronograph version.


Both the watches share the same general information, they are 38mm, in polished gold plates stainless steel.  You have your choice of a gold mesh strap or black leather strap, and the dials are polished in a sunbeam pattern, with an inset waffle pattern for the chapter markings and the chrono eyes.  The 3-hander has a Miyota 2035 movement with 5 ATM of water resistance, and the chrono has a Miyota OS11 movement with 10 ATM of water resistance.



I am not a fan of gold watches, especially yellow gold, but the overall design of the watch is nice and clean, showing the Scandinavian heritage.  On the 3-hander, the face has 3 levels, with the chapter ring cut out below the dial and the number raised.  I like that there is no date on that watch, it goes with the clean design.   The two eyes on the chrono are also a less cluttered design than three eyes, and it is symmetrical.  I like the watch better on the black leather strap over the gold mesh, but with the size, it would work as a unisex design, and the mesh might work better for the ladies.

Watch Overview

  • Brand & Models: TRIWA Sort of Black Gold
  • Price: $340 for the 3-hander and $460 for the quartz
  • Who we think they might be for: A baller on a budget.
  • Would I buy or recommend them just on the photos?:  Gold watches are not my thing, I would pass.
  • If I could make one design suggestion, it would be:  Do something 1/2 way between the blackout of the original model and the full bling of this one.
  • What spoke to me the most about these watches:  I like the handset the texturing for the chapter ring..

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