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Thank you all for making time on your end of summer weekend to check out this weeks Watching the Web (even if you are not checking it out on the weekend). For those that are not regular visitors, this is where we take a bit of time and point you to interesting watch articles on other sites, as well as point out our most popular articles of the week. This week, I have an affordable Swiss GMT, a reissue from the Southern Hemisphere, and advice on finding a collectible watch. From our site, you thought our reviews of the NTH dive watch, the Luminox 1924 and the Raven Trekker 40 were the most interesting posts of the week.



Worn & Wound kicks off this week’s round-up with a review of the Farer Barnato GMT. Yes, it is a quartz watch, but that is what keeps the Swiss made and British designed product under $500. It also has Patrick’s favorite complication, and one I really appreciate when traveling, the GMT hand. Finally, it is a really interesting modern looking design, almost Scandinavian in its look, and it is very readable, something I really appreciate.

MAGRETTE Regattare 11 PVD 002

Next up is a brand which I really like (I am wearing one of their watches as I write this), Magrette. Oceantime took a look at a reissue of the Magrette Regattare 11 PVD, a lovely looking watch with an internal rotating bezel. I love the sandwich dial and I know how well the watches are made. I am guessing that the internal bezel is not one-way, so I don’t know if I would use it for diving,m but it is going to work for lots of real life timing situations.


Finally, our last external link is to a how to article of sorts, A Blog to Watch’s guide to spotting a future collectible. If you want to augment your watch collection with something that will stand the test of time (pun intended) as well as maybe increase in value, check it out.

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Our most popular article of the week was Victor’s take on the NTH Näcken Modern and Oberon dive watches. Chris Vail, the man behind Lew & Huey, is also behind NTH watches, and Victor really dives into what makes this Submarine homage watch tick.


Next up, Patrick takes a look at the Luminox 1924, a modern take on the field watch. These are rugged and readable designs, perfect for weekend warriors, or more casual evenings. As with all Luminox watches, the lume really shines, powered by tritium indices and markers on the hand. If you like larger cases, this is definitely worthy of consideration.

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The last of our watch reviews comes from John and his take on the Raven Trekker 40. Raven is taking a shot at funding this watch through their own marketing efforts, instead of going back to crowd funding, by taking pre-orders on their own site. It has a solid Japanese automatic movement and is very readable and modern looking for a dive watch. Check it out and see if you agree with John.



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